Diverso Italiano Rubberized Leather Angela Backpack: Life-Saver, Style-Killer

What the hell is this? A lifejacket or a bag? Maybe it’s both. Diverso Italian’s off-putting rubberized calfskin backpack (if you can even call it that; it wraps and clings around your body like an unattractive vest) could possibly be good for air travel. In the case of an emergency landing, you’re required to leave your bag (horror of all horrors!), but now if that happens, I can just pretend my “bag” is part of the airplane’s own life-saving device. And trust me, those flight attendants will be none the wiser.

Sometimes it’s just plain useless to ask why? Like, why would anyone make a bag that looks like this?! If I ever end up shipwrecked in the open sea without a real life vest in sight, maybe I’ll have my answer. Until then, this flotation gadget stays on the rag. On Luisa Via Roma for $554.

12 thoughts on “Diverso Italiano Rubberized Leather Angela Backpack: Life-Saver, Style-Killer

  1. Anonymous on said:

    This bag is a little weird and for $500.00, it’s really strange.

  2. Ruthea Fisch on said:

    O dear o dear o dear, what a terrible mistake. I would call this a faux pas. How are they every going to get over this one. Reputation reputation reputation.

  3. This bag is just plain confusing…

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  5. NYclouds on said:

    I like this bag, it’s unique, and simple…

  6. Rashida on said:

    Just terrible!

  7. fore accessory on said:

    Is it really a bag? I can not believe in my eyes. I thought it was a jacket. Anyway, very special and creative design.

  8. maybe they should rethink their customer and promote it for men.

  9. klynb on said:

    One carries a backpack for its storage capability. Not only is this thing ugly, it doesn’t look like it’ll hold anything.

  10. Very unique! I like it!

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