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Eshu Moisturizing Sunscreen: Quench the Sun

What could possibly be so different about yet another broad-spectrum protection sunscreen? Yes, Eshu’s sunscreen moisturizes, as its title suggests, but it also smells heavenly! (Ironic that the best-smelling lotion comes from a brand that was concocted for men, huh?)

So not only do you get the benefits of SPF30 – the Australian brand designs its formula to weather the pulsing Down-Under sun– you’ll love slathering it on. With eucalyptus, mint, and citrus, it will go perfectly with your poolside cocktail (my favorite at the moment is lime juice, cucumber and mint with vodka). If you’re in the mood to be refreshed, look no further.

Infused with Vitamin E, to keep your skin from getting parched in the hot sun, it also ensures your skin boasts a healthy, dewy glow once you’re all tan. As enjoyable to apply as it is effective: how many products can you say that about? At Sephora for $30.



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