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Fashion Saverz Reusable Sponge: Win the Stain Game

I hate dresses I can’t step into – I mean, I’m willing to pay good money for a damn zipper! The same thing goes for tops. But zippers aren’t always an option depending on the style, and sometimes your going to find yourself yanking your outfit over your head. I don’t wear a lot of make up, but what I do wear usually ends up on my collar if I have to pull the garment on. And no, I don’t like to get dressed before applying makeup. You risk even more spillage and stains, not to mention wrinkling.

I discovered Fashion Saverz thanks to a random PR package that was sent to me. I tossed it aside for weeks until just the other day. This little pink sponge actually works! Just dab the unsightly area and your dress is back to crisp perfection – as long as you get to the makeup spot or deodorant stain immediately. Don’t expect the sponge to remove stains that have been there for years that your dry cleaner couldn’t even remove. Sometimes the most innovative inventions are also the most obvious! On ZiziBizy for $5.



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