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Fresh Dog All-Natural Dry Shampoo Powder for Dogs and Puppies: Hot Dog!

This might be a totally weird story for Beauty Snob, but my beauty addiction spans all species! I use dry shampoo for myself – there are just those days I’m too busy to get it together. So if I can’t wash my own hair, you think my dog is getting a luxury shampoo treatment? As you know, smelly dog hair is worse than smelly human hair, so even if you’re not concerned about your dog’s greasy bad hair days, you do need your pup to freshen up for everyone’s sake.

Fresh Dog’s all-natural dry shampoo powder is easy to use and wonderfully fragrant. It comes in a saltshaker type canister that has an option of a pour or sprinkle opening. And a sprinkle is all you need. Dumping too much powder will cause a big mess. In fact, make it a rule to do this chore outside. I made the mistake of using this while my pup was on the doggy bed, and I was left with a big white cloud.

Just sprinkle and rub it into the hair or fur, and that’s it! If your dog has long hair, you’ll need to use a brush to penetrate the coat. It does leave a little chalky residue, though. I have a white dog, so it wasn’t a problem. But if you have a dark-colored dog, it will look like dandruff if you don’t work it in really well. (Same as human dry shampoo!) My dog also has super-soft hair, and the powder did make it feel a bit coarse. But the fragrance is so worth it: lavender and rosemary. I smell mostly lavender, which is so, so lovely – and it lasts for days! Once you get the hang of it, this dry doggie shampoo sure stretches out the time between major washings. Or if your pooch is sensitive skin and cannot withstand frequent shampooing, this is your ticket to stink free house. Such a wonderful change to have my fur ball smell as fresh as a twig of lavender! On Lock and Mane for $15.



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