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GCB-Inspired Hair: Everything’s Bigger In Texas!

And you know that includes the hair. Dallas ladies wouldn’t be much without their big jewels and bigger wardrobes, but without their hair, they would be nothing! My new favorite primetime addiction has me coveting true Texas hair – and trying to decide whose locks are the most heavenly.

Carlene: Her girlish golden curls speak of polished innocence, but as the gospel-preaching, scheme-hatching, Bible-blogging Carlene shows us, hairstyles can be deceiving.

Amanda: Amanda’s a natural beauty who fled Dallas for Santa Barbara almost two decades ago – and her hair shows it. Her tousled, beachy waves are more California babe than Southern belle.

Gigi: Matriarch Gigi is a true Texas traditionalist. Her bouffant updo is teased and whipped all the way up to the heavens, getting her just a little closer to God.

Heather: Heather’s long, dark dresses speak of her girl-next-door demeanor, but the faint nod to the Farrah flip reveals a hint of Texan flair.

Sharon: Big and blonde, Sharon’s a vivacious, voluptuous, insatiable ray of Southern sunshine. She loves deep-fried foods, but keeps her hair a light shade of yellow-blonde.

Cricket: Business-minded powerhouse Cricket is Texas-strong – and so is her hair. Her 21st century bouffant speaks of unflinching determination.



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