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GoCrib Portable Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard: On the Road

For those who travel with little ones and don’t want to risk rickety and unsanitary hotel cribs, GoCrib’s portable crib and play yard is just the thing. It is a full-size crib (and it thankfully uses regular, fitted crib sheets) that doesn’t require a moving crew to transport. I’m in Cancun for a week with my niece and her parents are ever so appreciative of their GoCrib. Long-gone are the days of using the Pack ‘n’ Play as your travel crib (which was never an ideal option, aside from the weight and non-compact, barely collapsible feature). GoCrib has inflatable legs so you get a sturdy, complete frame, but the whole thing packs down to a backpack! You have the option of tucking your tot in from the top, or if you’re like me and can’t handle killing your back, you can unzip the side and have access that way. GoCrib can also be used as a playpen and the inflated sides make safe bumpers. Assembly is not hard, but you must read the instructions, especially about how to turn the valve for the auto-inflate. That’s right: auto, as in no need to be out of breath blowing up this thing! The price might be an issue, but it’s totally worth it for those who are always on the move. It’s so light and easy to use, you might even just take it to the park or beach for the day. Tots do need their naps – and you need your quiet time! On Amazon for $249.99.



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