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Grunge-Inspired Beauty: About a Girl

In honor of the moody days (well, at least that’s the look we were going for) of my early-nineties youth, I’m paying homage to grunge-inspired beauty. While the spirit of the era was to be anti-pretty or au natural, babes like Kate Moss, Emma Balfour (a model few remember these days), Claire Danes (aka Angela on My So-Called Life), and Winona Ryder proved grunge could be a look worth emulating. In small doses! Only one of these messy rebel babe elements should be worn at a time. Because let’s be honest, nobody actually wants to look like Courtney Love anymore!

1. Bumble and Bumble Bb. Texture Hair (Un) Dressing Crème: Forget about lustrous, shiny locks for the time being. Grunge is about grit, and this un-dressing cream will get you there. Add just a dab for matte-ified, lived-in locks.
At Sephora for $26.

2. NARS Lipstick in Fast Ride: This shade is described as a “sheer mulberry,” but trust me, this unique berry-tinged hue is grunge all the way. It’s just offbeat enough to pull off with vintage floral dresses and combat boots.
At Sephora for $24.

3. Chanel Nail Polish in Vamp: Okay, so this semi-vintage shade is selling for a futuristic price tag, but Vamp is the polish that started it all! Just looking at it is bringing me straight back to 1994, the year this color revolutionized runways and sidewalks alike.
On Amazon for $49.99.

4. Make Up For Ever Lip Liner in Pink Brown: Some call lip liner a faux pas, but ask any respectable makeup artist and not only will they show you how to do it right (use it to lightly fill in your lips as a base), they will do so enthusiastically. In pinkish brown, it fits the dark, wannabe-natural mood.
At Sephora for $18.

5. NARS Duo Eye Shadow in Brousse: Smoke up those eyes with a palatable mix of sable and deep violet shadow. Use one as a liner and the other to cover the lid or blend them both together for a sultry, moody feel.
At Sephora for $34.



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  1. I also remember when Vamp was all the rage! My cousin and I were in our late teens then, and she managed to get a hold of some!

    I really like that NARS lipstick, as well as the photos and the Nirvana-inspired post title :).