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Hope Paige Medical ID Rubber Watch Bands: No Allergies to This Bracelet!

I know so many tots with food allergies, and it’s really nerve-wracking having to remember who is allergic to what. Especially when I’m Snack Mom. So I can only imagine how hard it is for the parents of those with the allergies. I’ve had friends stay with me for a week whose son is allergic to practically everything: soy, dairy, egg, sesame, and flax. I had a list and went shopping at Whole Foods but constantly had to check the list to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything.

Hope Paige’s Child’s rubber band for tots has a watch closure, but it can be engraved with up to 60 characters on four lines. You can list every single allergy or medical alert you need . They are totally waterproof, so your child never needs to take it off. So cute for tots and more importantly, a potential lifesaver! If you’re a parent of a child with allergies, you’ve got it down and don’t make mistakes. But when your child leaves the house to go to school or a play-date, it is high-stress. Making sure everyone is aware of the food allergies and can easily double-check the exact ones is a challenge. Anyone in charge of your kid needs to have a list and what better way than to have it right on your little one’s body? They can’t lose it – and it’s easy for the caregiver to refer to.

I just went to an all-inclusive resort that gave out bracelets, and I can tell you, tots LOVE bracelets. Both boys and girls collected all the various bracelets throughout the week and refused to remove them when we checked out. Bracelets, especially ones with such an important purpose, are the way to go. You request the specific engraving when you order this, so it arrives ready to wear! A brilliantly stealthy way to plant a medical I.D. on them! On Medical ID Marketplace for $19.95 each.



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