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Laurent Gandini Earrings: The New Victorians

Like looking into a perfectly crafted kaleidoscope, these earrings are delicate, intricate and mesmerizingly beautiful. Laurent Gandini found a muse in pieces of Venetian lace and traditional embroideries, and brought the look to life with these concisely cut pieces.

They have a sizable drop, which I’m not usually a huge fan of, but the ultimate result is impactful yet not distracting, due to the beautifully executed filigree. Light as air, I love the idea of them wafting with your hair and against your neck on a balmy summer night (summer is by far the most appropriate season for sizable earrings, and these will never bog you down). I could go either way: choose between rose gold ($2,155) or save some money with the same look – the sterling silver version ($470) runs for less than a fourth of the price. Available on Net-A-Porter.



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