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Le Silla Suede Calfskin Sandal: Love, Italian Style

There are sexy shoes…And then there are sexy Italian shoes, existing in an entirely other realm of sensuality. Italians do sexiness with a knowing confidence, and there are few better ways to express it than the leg-lengthening, bum-lifting, confidence-building high heel.
My latest obsession courtesy of the thigh-high boot-shaped nation: a pair I picked up in Milan this week from Le Silla (a favorite of Italian celebs). Naturally, the sparkle, dazzle, and exotic intricancies of this beautiful shoe lured me in, but its comfort (almost inexplicably so!) made me buy without skipping a beat. At least, once I tried it on. At 5″ high, I thought for sure I’d topple over, and layers of mouthwatering beads and jewels don’t read “cushy.” But surprise! The shoe’s last and platform is solid and the sturdy construction held my foot in place with confidence.
I journeyed all over the streets of Milan in them one night and felt like I was wearing sneakers! (Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s honesly how comfortable they are). My Italian romance almost didn’t happen, but now I know it was meant to be: a friend urged me to go in the store and at first I hesitated, as it looked like a cheesy boutique that offered only glitzy shoes and look-at-me bikinis, but I’m so glad I listened!
At Stylebop for $1,070.



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