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MAC Carine Roitfeld Collection: The Observer as Muse

I don’t know what’s more exciting: Carine Roitfeld’s new magazine, the aptly titled CR, launching this September, or her revolutionary new collab with MAC! I have always revered her trademark face: a deeply smoky eye wisely contrasted with tasteful nude lips. She has stuck with the look for decades because it works for her – and that’s what those in the know do. It’s also what I always tell young girls: find a look that is most flattering for you, stick with it, and just update it with time.

Using Carine and her inate edginess as both a creative director and a muse, MAC’s limited-edition collection will feature 20 pieces, naturally with a focus on sultry eyes and bold brows. We might miss Carine at Vogue Paris, but having her indelibly cool influence right on our visages is no small consolation! Suddenly, I can’t wait for September.

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