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Marc Jacobs Metallic Cowboy Ankle Boots: Calling All Pioneers


These boots caught just about everyone’s eye at Marc Jacob’s Spring 2012 show, now it’s time to see who has the sense of humor and gumption to pull them off! Cowboy boots are so not my thing, but I would totally wear these just because they are undeniably amazing. Ankle boots this interesting don’t come around everyday.

Like a sexy peep-show window for your ankle, they have a hint of fetishism, without being overt about it. The outcome is quirky, not obvious, thanks to gunmetal leather, a moderate 3.5” heel, and traditional almond toe.

That’s not to say this Wild West concept isn’t out there – these require a confident style. You’ve got to go unexpected. Wear something totally ladylike or completely eclectic or else you’ll lose the intention. It’s all for the satisfaction of the moment. Then you look back later and wonder what the hell you were thinking. But, hey, what’s fashion if not fun and risky? Live for the moment and live for spontaneity! On My Theresaicon for $839.

Pair with: Something bold and unexpected, like Christopher Kane’s runway dress will dress these up and make you really stand out. Floral-print organza shines with iridescence that picks up on the boots’ gloss. On Net-a-Porter for $4,375.



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