Miu Miu Printed Cotton-Canvas Mini Bucket Bag: Kick This Bucket

At the risk of sounding crass, WTF is this thing? My grandmother had a similar cloth bag like this; she used it to store her teapot. Same handle and everything. It costs around $40 for a nice one in Chinatown.

I’m not going to discuss the fact that this cotton-canvas pouch comes with a nearly $900 price tag. I am going to assume you are intelligent enough to gauge for yourself how ridiculous it is. Even if it was made of 24-karat spun gold, the busy, nonsensical paisley, elephant, and sphinx pattern is an eyesore. There’s whimsical, and then there’s just plain painful. And I’d rather spill scalding-hot tea on myself than carry a trinket with such an absurd shape. Oh and it weighs almost 2 pounds. So maybe it comes with a tea pot after all.

This is the kind of bag that makes me wish I stayed in bed watching guilty pleasures like “GCB” on Hulu. In fact, I’m going to go back to bed now. Wake me up when there are bags worth blogging about. On Net-a-Porter for $895.

7 thoughts on “Miu Miu Printed Cotton-Canvas Mini Bucket Bag: Kick This Bucket

  1. oh my gosh, hahaha hahaha! I love you bagsnob! hahaha so true!

  2. This is why you guys have been at the top for so long. kudos to you for not sucking up to brands like Miu Miu and Givenchy. Love today’s Reviews!

  3. In complete agreement! What’s that line from Clueless: “It’s like a Monet from far away it might be ok but up close it’s just a big mess” It’d be ok until you saw the $900 tag.

  4. LOLOL – hysterical observations and so very true. I don’t hate the bag, it’s a novelty piece but the price tag for cotton bag is ridic.

  5. I also agree.. a bit too much don’t you think!

  6. Bag Snob, you guys are awesome. You call it like you see it. I couldn’t agree more.

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