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Proenza Schouler Tiki Clutch: Let’s Hit the Tiki Lounge

There’s kitsch and then there’s camp: too much kitsch (and sometimes too much is just a little bit) can kill a bag, even if it’s knowing nod to a humorous reference. But camp is smart, infusing a sense of the over-the-top with a clever smirk. Proenza Schouler has camp down, especially when it comes to their latest mélange of shapes and materials, the Tiki clutch. The crescent silhouette delivers an automatic mega-wink, and the enamel and resin chain links (the strap is removable) are so oversized, you can’t help but smile. Add to that earthy whipstitched trim, a funky bar that brings to mind retro patio furniture, and a contrasting buckle, and you’ve got a blend that shouldn’t work but undeniably does.

Take your pick of treated stingray – in Celedon, Sea Green, and Cantaloupe, an array of colors so refreshing they belong in a mixed drink, as well as chic and sleek black – or wackier raffia, for just a dash of kitsch that doesn’t dissatisfy. Actually, the Tiki is so good, I think I’ll be a regular at this lounge. At Barneys New York for $2,090-$2,170.



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  1. when it comes to bags and PS I always wonder how can they be famous as they create horrible bags all the same, this is the first new one I see in years and still ugly. Oh my God.