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Rachel Zoe Collection Giveaway: The Bonnie

CONGRATS TO LYDIA B. OF CHICAGO, ILL- winner of the Bonnie!

It’s ba-nanas! For the next month, we will be giving away a gorgeous new shoe from Rachel Zoe’s latest collection each week (FOUR pairs total!). Starting off the mega-giveaway with a bang, the bodacious yet wearable Bonnie is up for grabs.

With the perfect combination of a layered, stacked platform and a va-va-voom heel, this is a great summer basic that can party or go to work. A series of python-embossed straps holds you in place, and the moderate heel (thanks to that 1.5” platform) won’t kill your back – but it will still give you a sexy silhouette.

To Enter to win, all you have to do is:

1. LIKE the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook

2. Tell us in the comment section (of this post) where you would wear these insanely chic sandals.

I would wear them tonight to a fabulous Argentinian and Spanish wine dinner for my girlfriend’s birthday. I have the perfect bird print mini dress that would kill it with these! The winning snob will be selected at random. Good luck!

The Bonnie is available in black or brown at
Neiman Marcus for $325.

67 thoughts on “Rachel Zoe Collection Giveaway: The Bonnie

    I would def wear those to parties. It’d be a pefect for company/friends parties/social events

  2. April C. on said:

    OMG they are gorgeous!!!! I would wear them out with my husband of 16 years and have a nice night out!!!

  3. julie speirs on said:

    i would wear these beautys with a slinky black number and head for Babble in Londons Berkeley Square. Sip a martini in Mayfair and have fun, fun, FuN…….see the sun come up the following morning with a big smile on my face and feet!

  4. I’d wear these babies to my girlfriend’s wedding this summer. They’re spicy but ladylike, just enough to anchor a bold colored dress.

  5. Kendra Nunez on said:

    I love these shoes, I would wear them to my for year anniversary with my boyfriend next Saturday! These would be perfect for our night out! :)

  6. Just liked Rachel Zoe Collection!

    As for Bonnie, the gorgeous, black strappy sandal, it would go perfect with a slouchy cropped sweater and long, maxi skirt with side slits, that reveal my gorgeous legs and show off these chic shoes. The look is minimal and doesn’t need anything else but a sexy clutch and cocktail ring. I’d wear this on a romantic date night at the pier, and afterwards turn the boardwalk into a catwalk, as I knock em dead with my sexiest strut!


    I will wear them to my upcoming wedding rehearsal dinner in the tiny town of Cornish, Maine at krista’s restaurant where we will eat fabulous food, drink champagne, and get excited for the next day’s nuptials. I’ll be wearing a black and white polka dot dress that will be just the right retro look!

  8. suzie hemp on said:

    These are gorgeous! I would wear them with a bold dress on a night out with my husband! Love how tall the heel is as my hubby is a foot taller than me!

  9. These shoes are hot! I’d wear them to a Best of San Antonio party on Friday – gotta dress in VIP style!

  10. I’d wear these to party at Tao when I go to Vegas later this year!

  11. Lissette R. on said:

    These shoes are GORG. I would wear these sandals with a beautiful REISS fitted black dress I have during my trip to Greece this summer!! :)

  12. Johanna on said:

    I would wear out to dinner with my husband we rarely get out and have a dinner date planned next week!

  13. MaryAnn Casey on said:

    Ooooohhh I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes for a wedding I’m attending this summer! These are IT!

  14. Pamela A. on said:

    These are fierce! I would wear these to a party and to a nice lounge and dinner party. I would pair them up with some nice jeans and a dress top or a nice goung out dress.

  15. love these!!! I would wear them out on my trip to Vegas celebrating my med school graduation!!!

  16. I’d wear them out for a dinner date night with my hubby to out favorite restaurant.

  17. Love these shoes! My birthday is coming up, so these would be perfect for a night out with my husband and friends!

  18. sandi Segursky on said:

    I would wear my Bonnies for a weekend shopping in New York City! I would wear my babies (Bonnies) with the Anne Cropped pants one day and the Madison Colorblock shift dress the next. Shopping – Shoes – and Rachel Zoe – need I say more??? By the way…I love the upcoming fall collection. OMG Mod blending in Military – I cannot wait!

  19. Kristen on said:

    I would wear them ANYWHERE! I’d wear them to dinner, out dancing, on vacation, heck, I’d wear them to Walmart. Someone would have to pry them off of my cold feet to keep from burying me in them! These are fabulous, and chic, and not too over the top, and to die for, the end.

  20. kayemgi on said:

    These are gorgeous! I’d wear them to my bachelorette in July for sure, but I probably couldn’t resist wearing them before that too!

  21. I would wear these ultra sexy platforms while I made my first visit to England to party with my girlfriend! These platforms would compliment my strapless black mini dress.

  22. Erika Sliwak on said:

    I would wear these pumps when I go out with my sister in the one and only NYC. They go perfectly with the nightlife there: fierce edgy, and exclusive.

  23. Mara Zamora on said:

    Stunning ! I would wear these everywhere .You can never be overdressed for anything :) But i would love to wear these one the day i get my High School diploma ! I’m 20 and i went back to school so i can better my daughter’s life .Its never too late . Email is cupcakebabe416 at gmail dot com :)

  24. I’d wear these sassy shoes to my bachelorette party in Las Vegas this summer!


  25. Laura Nizlek on said:

    Just moved to NYC on Sunday so they are the perfect welcome home shoe for my closet! I would would wear them out for my amazing first weekend out in the big city!

    Id wear these fabulous shoes on my date Saturday night!

    Beautiful shoes. I would wear them out with my husband. Married 1 yr. Some place very romantic but fun at the same time.

    I would love to wear these beautiful shoes out on the town with my hubby. Married 1 yr. Some place very romantic yet fun all in one.

  29. These shoes are absolutely amazing ! I am from Dallas and will be driving down to Austin in a few weeks for my birthday. I would wear these out with my beautiful floral mini and celebrate in style on 6th street. There’s no better way than to celebrate another year of fabulous than with these shoes :) 24yrs young!

  30. Perri Schneider on said:

    I would we’re these to my friends grad party!!!!

  31. Robynn A. on said:

    I would wear these bad boys to class in the sweltering Dallas heat. Just kidding. I would wear these to my friend’s upcoming bachelorette party. Also, I kind of need these – I’m 5’2!

  32. lindalauj on said:

    This shoe is really cute and sexy! If I win this amazing shoe I would wear it to Viva Las Vegas for my best friend Jules bachelorette party. I’m going to live up the shoes like there is no tomorrow. Rachel Zoe is amazing!

  33. Love Rachel Zoe Collection!
    I would wear these gorgeous shoes for my 25th birthday in Vegas this June!! They’re classy & sassy at the same time.

  34. Thanks for setting this up shoesnob! What a great giveaway for an entire month. I would wear these fab shoes to a much needed dinner night out w/ the husband at our favorite place on the Northern California coast with my white tuxedo pants and lace top. Woohoo!

  35. I’d wear those with a mini dress to dinner with my husband on our upcoming vacation to New Orleans.

  36. VANESSA MARTINEZ on said:


  37. crystal rose on said:

    The Mister and I are planning to visit an Irish winery that serves brick oven pizza outside, overlooking the vineyards and hills. It is a potential wedding location:) The date night is muchneeded since we have 3 kids and our oldest is preparing for her junior prom..all shopping has been for her benefit. Mommy needs a new pair of hot heels!

  38. Gorgeous! I would most definitely where these out as often as possible! Starting off with sushi and the husband!

  39. Gorgeous!! I would wear these during the night out after my sister’s graduation party.

  40. Donna F. on said:

    Since these sandals are so sexy, I would definitely wear them for date night!

  41. These shoes look so special that I would wear them to an anniversary dinner.

  42. MC Chau on said:

    The Bonnie shoe is amazing! I would wear this gorgeous shoe with a red and black wrap dress for my husband upcoming graduation!

  43. I would wear these all over the city this Summer! thighs ing maxi or tailored highlighter pink shorts! Instead of my usual shoe change prior to my arrival for work, I couldnt help but wear these on my way to work and into my post work cocktail hour. So cute I hope that I win!

    xoxo @alycasillas

  44. Erica Perino on said:

    Fabulous! I’d rock them out to dinner with the hubby with a white dress, cobalt blue sweater, my orange Marc Jacobs Bianca handbag and my gold studded Nina bracelet from Pop of Chic!

  45. Tamika Wilks on said:

    I Love, Love these Sexy Black Heels and I would wear them Out to the Hottest Club in DC!! A Sexy Night out on the Town in these shoes!

  46. Julie L. on said:

    I’d wear these on a hot date with my boyfriend! Those shoes are gorgeous!

  47. I would wear these out to dinner with my boyfriend!

  48. mary clay on said:

    i would wear these to the fabulous housewarming party later this summer, also to san francisco to visit my brother!

  49. To my bachelorette party next month!!! :)

  50. Petunia on said:

    I’ll wear them to my friend’s 50th! birthday party and dance all night under the moon

  51. Valerie C. on said:

    These would be so perfect to wear during my first trip to San Francisco. My good friend is getting married the last weekend of May and I have 2 dresses that need black shoes. I’m so excited about going :)

  52. Candice N. on said:

    These are definitely to be in the spotlight with a short dress and night out with the girls. Waiting for heads to turn:)

  53. I love the sturdiness of the heel – yet the shoe still looks so sexy! These are perfect for a night out; the stability that the ankle strap provides ensures me that there’s less of a chance for me to twist me ankle. ;)

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

  54. I would find it hard not to wear these everyday, with anything for every occasion, such a great shoe. But would certainly wear them the first day I can wear heels after recovering from foot surgery, likely with my alice and Olivia gold shorts and a slouchy 3/4 sleeve black top.

  55. I would wear these for a night out with girlfriends!

  56. I would wear these shoes to prom, my sister’s wedding,the fundraising dinner I am hosting with my mom, and any date or formal thing I go to<3!!! I like the facebook page Emmy Sla:)!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOO VERY MUCH FOR THE AMAZING GIVEAWAY THIS IS SO KIND AND GENEROUS:D!!!

  57. These are hot! I would love to wear these to an upcoming trip to Vegas. These shoes are made to show off some leg.

  58. amybelle2001 on said:

    I liked the Rachel Zoe Collection on FB (AmyHadra)
    I would wear these to a conference happy hour coming up, thanks!

  59. OMG these are some of the most gorgeous shoes I;ve ever laid eyes on! I like the fb page! The question is, where wouldn’t i wear these?! I’d find an excuse to wear them everywhere, even buying groceries! lol

  60. I would wear these gorgeous heels to dinner at my favorite New-York-style tapas restaurant in downtown Vancouver. I’d wear them with either shorts or a solid color skirt and pair it with a bright and patterned top.

  61. Lydia on said:

    I LIKE the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook – Lydia A.F. I would definitely wear these to a Greek Island wedding this summer!

  62. I liked on Facebook, and I would LOVE to wear these sandals cafe hopping in Paris.

  63. I’d wear them out Lounge Hopping in Sunset :)

  64. I would wear them with a hot trench coat!

  65. Heather L. on said:

    To girls night out with a loose mini dress!

  66. I would wear these insane hot Pumps to some Nightlife parties with the girls or to family big dinners taht are actualy coming up next mounth :)

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