Rooney Mara x Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir

Rooney Mara has become the yardstick for cool– anything she wears becomes an instant cult favorite. Even if it’s a classic 20 year old tote like the “Le Pliage Cuir” bag by LONGCHAMP.  Introduced in 1993, my friends and I all own at least one to travel with as it folds into a tiny square. It’s the most sensible and practical bag (translation: dull) I have but somehow she makes it look fresh and chic. Granted, hers is the new leather version but it’s still the same simple tote– I believe it’s Rooney who makes the bag! I mean look at the bag on the right by itself– boring, right? Now look at Rooney carrying it– exciting and I must have it! This is why celebrity placement is so important, my friends.

What about you– what do you think of the bag?  $525 at

10 thoughts on “Rooney Mara x Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir

  1. Love that bag. I own 2 bags in different sizes but in fabric. Love them and the leather one’s are absolutely amazing because of their functionality and classic look. And yes, it’s always pleasant to see a star wearing something that you have or you wish to have.

  2. Its a timeless, cool shape so it bound to withstand the test of time/trend. It makes perfect sense that Rooney Mara has one – with her funky style its the perfect backdrop to all her casual looks. Its a good balance…and she has a great eye for this play of quirk and classic. my kind of gal !!!

  3. I just purchased the bag that she is carrying. It is not the bag that you have in the picture. The straps are much shorter than the one pictured and it also comes with a shoulder strap. It is called Le Pliage Cuir and costs $490.

  4. Love Rooney!

  5. I love the Longchamps bags, Le Pliage. La Planete, and the leather ones also! I have 6 and they go everywhere with me!

  6. Nancy Y on said:

    Really???!!!! Yes, quite the fashionista, but c’mon her dad owns the New York Giants and she is a movie star. Please sport something more important than Longchamp! Its for students; sorry.

  7. I love Longchamp and I own 27 of them! Not all pliages and planetes, but also cultes, LMs and other models and in all colors, shapes and sizes! The leather cuir ‘speaks’ for itself! I will certainly get my hands on the large fuscia!!

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