Smythson Antonia East/West Bag: The Mod Squad

Smythson has turned things up a notch for the latest season. Their newest, the Antonia (named after English novelist A.S. Byatt), has all that British dignity you would expect, along with a solid vintage ‘60s look, but otherwise, she is thoroughly modern. I’ll get the downside out of the way: the colorblocking of bright rose-petal pink and blackened navy is on the harsh side. I would rather see a tonal combination, or even monochrome, but the rest of the bag has enough going for it to make me overlook this minor misstep. The shape – an elongated baguette without being a baguette, bowler references without being a bowling bag – is just off enough to be interesting. And the structure is divine. The frame-top, the folds…it’s captivating! Of course, outer pockets are always desired and appreciated; the shoulder strap is seemingly useful, but I’d use the top-handle only. Finally, the touch of shagreen at the push-lock closure cements the fact that this new mod is a winner. Smythson Antonia at Barneys New York for $1,565.

Pair with: Carry this with something totally unexpected, and turn the bag into an avant-garde piece. Holy Tee’s Marisa jersey jumpsuit might seem wacky, but the gold-hardware straps and chic cut makes it a fitting counterpart. On NET-A-PORTER for $285.

3 thoughts on “Smythson Antonia East/West Bag: The Mod Squad

  1. I love this bag. It’s simple, yet complicated. And not to mention, the color is fabulous!

  2. Yes Yes Yes.. a gorgeous classic bag!

  3. Love the colour! Love the shape.

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