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Snowberry Bright Defence Day Cream No.2: A Bright Idea

Now that I’m back from Cancun my newly tanned face needs help looking fresh. The only reason to risk damage to your skin from tanning is so you look healthy, and a glowing tan is key. Since I get ruddy when I get too dark, a brightening day cream is exactly what I need. It might sound contradictory to want fairer skin after a tan, but that is exactly what I want, to bring it down a notch so it looks natural and not overdone. Plus, Snowberry Bright Defense Day Cream No. 2 is full of antioxidants and formulated to smooth the complexion while brightening the tone. With grape seed paste, coconut, and sweet black tea, it is a great day cream no matter what, as it promotes a youthful glow and smooths the surface for a perfect complexion.

There are 3 formulations, the No. 2 is for combination skin, No. 1 is for oily skin and No. 3 is for dry skin. It comes with a slight tint to make the most of your tan. Or if you don’t have a tan, it will provide a nice touch of color to finish off your face.

I’m loving this newly discovered line with ingredients that are wholesome. They only promote health, instead of causing damage, and since they are also good for the environment, that is ultimately good for us. Along with their cleanser, this is making it in my daily regimen. At Dermstore for $63.



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  1. I hope you had a great time in Cancun! I tend to get ruddy when I tan as well, and this Snowberry product sounds like the perfect solution. I love that their products contain natural ingredients.