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Stone Vicious 18-Karat White and Blackened Gold Diamond Ring: A Leap in the Dark

This ring is so sick, I could die. You don’t want to do black diamonds dainty – they’ve got to be hardcore and rock ‘n’ roll all the way. Stone’s appropriately named Vicious ring proves that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate delicacy altogether. With Gothic-inspired detailing, they do black diamonds justice – and make them stand out – by surrounding 18-karate white diamonds and darkened gold in an ornate setting.

The crystalline white pops, but it’s the black-magic stones that transfix. This ring is fit for an evil queen – or a jewel snob who desires something different. This year, mark my words: I will acquire a black diamond piece. I have gone to the dark side, and I cannot shake the fixation. On Net-a-Porter for $5,950.

Pair with: Any real rocker chick would approve of this gem. Pair it with a refined-tough bag and you’ll be taking front and center stage. Alexander McQueen’s knuckle-ring clutch ($2,795), Valentino’s leopard crossbody ($1,595), Deborah Barnet’s jagged-cut ostrich clutch ($495), Gucci’s tiger-embellishments ($1,250), and Jérôme Dreyfuss’ wild calf-hair ($1,011) all have glam-rock appeal.



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