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The Shops at Target: Cos Bar (and a Giveaway!)

Target does not stop! The latest twist on its designer partnership model comes in the form of The Shops at Target, which will officially launch on May 6th. Through the program Target will partner directly with shop owners of specialty stores and local boutiques to co-create affordable, limited-edition collections. The ones I’m most exciting for are The Webster (a fantastic super high-end boutique in Miami) for fashion and Cos Bar for beauty. I visited my first Cos boutique back when I was in Charleston and couldn’t believe how well curated their selection was (how are they not in Manhattan yet!??). Cos stocks body care, bath accessories, beauty tools, and bags from a slew of luxury brands (check them out here). The boutique owners say they were inspired by their signature gift wrap for the bright leopard print featured across the beauty tools and bags of their collection for Target, while bath and body products reflect their favorite scents. Everything in the line retails for under $20 and includes body care products, bath accessories, beauty tools, manicure essentials, and cosmetic bags.

The collection may not launch until next month, but 10 Beauty Snob readers will win a bundle of products! All you have to do is leave a comment below and we will select 10 winners at random on April 25th, 2012. U.S. residents only please.

81 thoughts on “The Shops at Target: Cos Bar (and a Giveaway!)

  1. Cinthia on said:

    This would be a great birthday gift for me!

  2. Sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to check them out.

  3. Leopard print? Count me in!

  4. This sounds great. Can’t wait to check it out.

  5. Excited to shop these new collections!

  6. sharjem on said:

    What could be better than Target + local boutiques! I can’t wait to see some new products at my local Target!

  7. I want to try these products!!

  8. Mary E. on said:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  9. Excited about this. Can’t wait to see this in Target

  10. Jess Gerber on said:

    Wow, I love this! Target’s brand is incredible, and this is the next step in providing luxury to the masses.

  11. Cool! I could use some new beauty products always…

  12. Who doesn’t love leopard print?! and bringing the charm of Charleston home with me…pleeeease :)

  13. Partnering with local boutiques! So great!

  14. Just when I was thinking of getting my skin’s “summer wardrobe”. thanks Beauty Snob:-)

  15. Going to Target @ lunch today!

  16. So excited about this. I’d love to win!

  17. I love the selection at the Cos Bar! I have shopped at their store in Maui, it was so well stocked with luxurious products. Can’t wait for my local Target to have these products!

  18. Target does it again! How cool! I hope I win, if I don’t (or do) I will probably end up buying some stuff anyways :)

  19. Perfect! I went to a CosBar a few years ago on a girl’s weekend, and it left me with so many happy memories!

  20. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  21. Thanks for the great tips and contest, I would love to win this! :)

  22. The deep blue color alone would make me want to buy them. I have really sensitive skin though, so trying them out first would be great for me.

  23. I quite like target collaborations

  24. mywhimsey on said:

    So excited to see target doing this! I’ll have to look out for the shops locally!

  25. Sanchia on said:

    looks great! must check these out soon!

  26. Amanda Sakovitz on said:

    the products look amazin, thank you for the chance!

  27. I love Target, and this newest venture of theirs is really exciting! I can’t wait to check these collections out in May.

  28. Natalie G on said:

    Target always gets the best beauty collections! Can’t wait to try!

  29. OMG I hope they have these at my local Target!

  30. nicole d on said:

    woud love to try this! looks fab!

  31. would love to try this. looks fab!

  32. Caitlin K. on said:

    Lipgloss is red,
    Cos Bar is blue,
    I’d love bubbling up with these,
    just like you!

  33. Looking forward to the launch of these new products. I have been happily surprised by Target’s launches over the years and it’s a guarantee that I’ll be one of the first in the store when it arrives. I love trying new products. Grandmas need good skin care too !!!!!!

  34. Cos Bar- looking forward.

  35. Okay, kinda can’t wait for this to come out! :-)

  36. Flavolosa on said:

    I can certainly use a dose of beauty!

  37. love me some Target!

  38. Deanna G. on said:

    I’d love to win! :)

  39. Cant wait to see all the goodness Target has to offer! Love their partnerships!

  40. love your site! and would love to win this! 😉

  41. Michelle on said:

    Awesome! Good ol’ Tar-jay keeps getting better and better

  42. Eeeeeee! How exciting! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on Cos Bar stuff ever since they announced this, especially since there isn’t one near me. Gotta love Target for bringing awesomeness to the masses. :)

  43. Love your site! Pick me!

  44. Christina on said:

    sounds awesome!! so excited!!

  45. These shops look amazing! I am beyond excited!

  46. Arianna on said:

    Wow, this looks so exciting!

  47. Mamavalveeta03 on said:

    I recently moved from the Minneapolis area to the Hamptons. But you know what’s missing from all of the luxury shops here? CosBar!!! I miss it!

  48. Natalie J Vandenberghe on said:

    I’m tired because I’ve spent the past four days visiting my Mother. Trying to catch-up on email when I saw your giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. moniquehasana on said:

    I would love to have this set. I know this product has to be great with an inspiration of bright leopard print. You are awesome for doing this giveaway.

    have a great weekend

  50. What a chic linup for Target, can’t wait!

  51. Looking forward to the launch of “The Shops at Target.”

  52. Karolyn Recker on said:

    Love, Love, Love this idea! V. Excited for them to arrive to my Target, would be even more excited to win some! Love when you give us a tip on new products!

  53. Wow! Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to win!

  54. Valerie C. on said:

    I love the packaging and can’t wait to try these. Thanks!

  55. oh hai target has been in manhattan for years. you sure you live in nyc?

  56. I love Target! Always fresh and in style.

  57. EXCELLENT!!! Sounds like a winner for sure!! WTG Target!!

  58. Sounds great! I love Target and their collaborations.

  59. I am turning 66 in May. What a great gift this would be: “Yes,
    Target, take me to the Cos Bar”.

  60. I am turning 66 in May. What a great gift it would be: “Yes,
    Target,take me to the Cos Bar”.

  61. Vikki P on said:

    The body care products sound great. Thanks.

  62. Cos Bar nail polishes, tweezers, body scrubs, false eyelashes and more…oh my! Sounds amazing to me! I love Target and am sure I will be loving their new beauty partnership with Cos Bar-can’t wait to check out their products in May!

  63. Lourdes on said:

    Love to try new products!!! I will be looking out for this products at Target.

  64. Target is where to go – like the quality and price of these beauty products!

  65. ShellieL on said:

    Looking forward to seeing this product in Target! May can’t get here soon enough!!

  66. I can’t wait to see the products Target’s going to bring with their Shops! What a smart idea.
    x Hilary

  67. Jessica on said:

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to check out the products in stores! Thanks for sharing.

  68. love beauty products and love target!

  69. Belladatura on said:

    So excited for these launches, especially Cos Bar!

  70. Target is the best!

  71. Love what Target is doing with these new collaborations, thanks for doing this giveaway!

  72. Melinda on said:

    I’m really looking forward to the Shops at Target release. Everything looks great.

  73. I just saw an ad for these new collabs at Target and I’m super excited. I’d love an early sneak peak. Thank you.

  74. I just read about this collb and am so excited. I’d love a sneak peak at the products. Thank you!

  75. Looking forward to the launch!

  76. Michelle on said:

    Target never ceases to amaze me. You keep me coming back for more!

  77. I would love to try these products

  78. Mamavalveeta03 on said:

    I am such a NUT for The CosBar!!! I lived near Minneapolis for a while, and they had a store in Edina that was a dreeeeeeeeam….

  79. Anti-Aging Congratulations on taking control of your life.

  80. Diana Poore on said:

    I can’t wait!!!! Bring it on home BABY!

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