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Tom Ford Fall 2012 Collection: Man With a Glam Plan

Not only is Tom Ford my kindred spirit when it comes to bags (as illustrated by his Fall 2012 collection), we also both revel in the luxurious idea of taking multiple hot baths a day! But I digress – it’s really all about the bags, I swear.

Just when it seems his sensibility cannot get any more glamorous, he goes and ups the ante. This season, he had a “Russian spy” on his mind – the kind who stands out like a hot Bond girl, not the type who slinks into the woodwork. No wallflowers here! These bags are bursting with color. Maybe he has recently been inspired by his growing makeup line; either way, his enthusiasm for hue is clear.

Blazing, lacquered exotics beam forth in shades of cherry and cobalt (two colors whose reign shows no sign of slowing down). And while shameless dollops of gold chains and hardware might look cheesy and overdone in another designer’s hands, Tom Ford knows how to make decadence look easy. My favorite might just be that ultra-textural, bumpy, ridge-filled box clutch. Because who wouldn’t want a golden nugget imagined by the man with the golden touch?!



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