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Top 5 Tricked-Out Totes: Prints Charming

When it comes to my more “serious” bags, I’m not much for outlandish patterns. I’ll stick to my elegant exotics and seductive leopard spots, thank you very much. But when you’re talking totes, it’s a bag of another breed entirely. Bring on the wild prints and off-the-wall patterns! Especially now that we’ll be spending more time luxuriating in the sunshine, it’s the right moment for a tote that’s big on personality and low on sobriety.

1. Dolce & Gabbana Tomato-Print Cotton-Canvas Tote: I knew tomatoes ripen around this time of year, but this brings them to another level! Dolce is loving the fruit-and-veggie garden this season, and this is a perfect way to work the market trend. On Net-a-Porter for $835.

2. Dries Van Noten Photo-Print Canvas Shopper: Forget postcards. Bring the atmosphere with you wherever you go with these collaged countryside prints. On My Theresa for $740.

3. Proenza Schouler Printed Canvas Tote: A Hawaiian-print dress can be hard to pull off with finesse, but a tote? No problem! Juxtaposing sides will keep this summer fling feeling fresh. On Net-a-Porter for $735.

4. Vanessa Bruno Embroidered Canvas Tote: Chartreuse embroidered canvas that resembles Rococo wallpaper doesn’t sound too crazy, but splashes of lime-green sequins turn this up more than a few notches. On Net-a-Porter for $285.

5. Balenciaga Animal-Print Hair-Calf Tote: There’s no way I could avoid at least one animal pattern! The structure and calf-hair of this tote make it a bit more formal, with a colorful mishmash that exudes friskiness. On My Theresa for $2,895.



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