Yves Saint Laurent Gold-Plated Lace-Effect Cuff: A Tender Touch

Cuffs tend to be big, tough, and bold – that’s usually the point, right? Then there are times you crave the impact of a thick bracelet with the delicacy of a daintier style. Yves Saint Laurent turns the image of the cuff on its head by creating one that looks like spun gold right out of a fairy tale (wasn’t it Rumpelstiltskin who helped the girl spin straw into 18-karats?). The Victorian-inspired texture makes for true romance that you can work into the sweetest of looks. But the ultra-ridged way of this gold-plated tin design makes for a modern effect.

Leave it to the look of lace to soften the thickest cuff, a play on the eyes that’s versatile for the coming months. I can’t wait to see this against bronzed skin and an array of other nuanced golden jewels. On Net-a-Porter for $695.

Pair with: Keep this cuff ultra-current with a rich ivory clutch by Alexander McQueen. Zippered and padlock details keep it anti-black tie, while the gold skull makes the right kind of statement. At Neiman Marcusicon for $1,230.


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