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Anna Dello Russo x H&M: Excess for All

Who would ever imagine that the words “Anna Dello Russo” and “H&M” would be indelibly linked? Marking one of the ultimate high-low collaborations, the passionate fashion editor (she’s Editor-at-Large for Vogue Nippon and likely the most vivacious dresser in Milan) is teaming up with the High Street chain for an appropriately decadent line of accessories.

It could very well be a surprisingly natural fit. Outrageous and unapologetic of her over-the-top style, Anna says, “accessories are a focus for me in my life.” For her collab, she’s focusing on big chunks of turquoise stones, serpentine bracelets, and loads of gold enamel. Among her favorites are the oversized, chain-link charm bracelets that clink and jangle (Anna finds the sound to be festive and uplifting). As of October 4th – right in time for Spring 2013 Fashion Week – the masses will be able to have a taste of the world according to Anna Dello Russo. The question is, do you think they’ll be ready?



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