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Aveda Stress Fix

Stress – the bane of most of our existence. The worst part about it for me is that it makes me breakout more or less instantaneously, which makes me stressed about being stressed! A surefire way to get me interested in a product is to say it has an anti-stress effect so I immediately jumped on some samples I was given of Aveda’s new Stress Fix line. It’s a body care line that claims to have an aroma clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress. I’ve always found lavender to be very soothing and it’s part of the line’s formulation, which explains the breath of fresh air I felt using the concentrate ($22). I just roll this on my neck and my wrists and take a deep breath and it helps to instantly loosen my body and ease my mind. The line also includes a body lotion and soaking salts and all three products are eco-cert certified organic. I used the lotion as well and while it smells relatively strong and is a good all-over moisturizer, I find the concentrate to be more effective for stress relief. I bet the soak is awesome too, but I’m more of a shower gal so I haven’t tried it. Check-out the line here.


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