Best of the Retro Revival: Top 5 Top-Notch Top-Handles

When Prada sent a racetrack’s worth of seductive retro ladies down her Spring runway, we knew the Miuccia effect was on in full swing. With one word – “sweetness” – on her mind and an unexpected inspiration– the automobile – at the crux Prada unleashed a new sense of roadhouse chic that really isn’t new at all. It’s all about 1950s Americana: Marilyn Monroe (the runway was designed to look like a subway grate: very Seven Year Itch), full-swinging poodle skirts, hot wheels-style flames and roses, and rockabilly neckties.

It was only a matter of months before Hollywood took to the trend, and now starlets like Michelle Williams, Zooey Deschanel, Felicity Jones, and even Cameron Diaz have embraced fit-and-flare dresses in polka-dots and pastels. But I think there’s no better way than to express your soft spot for the era than with a ladylike bag, whether it’s a structured top-handle for day or a prim clutch for night.

Top 5 Top-Notch Top-Handles:
Why is the top-handle tote likely the most ladylike carryall of all? It’s all in the way it requires you to carry it: you simply can’t look sloppy when you’re grasping a neat handle that demands your posture be as refined as the bag itself!

1. Prada Saffiano Framed Top-Handle Bag: Miuccia single-handedly revived the 1950s this season, and femininity doesn’t get more sophisticated than a creamy pink frame-top accented with glistening gold. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $2,950.

2. Victoria Beckham Victoria Structured Leather Tote: Victoria shows she knows elevated levels of sleekness with her refined leather tote in perhaps the most uplifting summer shade. On Net-a-Porter for $3,850.

3. Fendi Medium Peekaboo Bag: Does it get more classic than this? Basic black feels special with a two-tone twist-lock and leopard-print lining. At Barneys New York for $4,680.

4. Nina Ricci Liane Python Doctor Bag: Nina’s bags are all about girly glamour. With incredible python, this one is elevated to new heights of regality. At Barneys New York for $3,900.

5. Miu Miu Appliqué Leather Bag: One of the most epitomic bags of the season, Miu Miu’s riff on rockabilly chic is perfectly campy. On Net-a-Porter for $1,810.

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  1. Love the Mui Mui bag awesome

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