Christian Louboutin Sababa Slide: Loub’s New Groove

Christian, is that you?! While the undeniable sense of chic spells Louboutin, there is nary a red sole or Betty Boop curve in sight! And I’m loving every second of it. A chunky heel with wide white straps: this sounds like a most perfunctory orthopedic shoe, but on the contrary. In Monsieur Louboutin’s capable hands, such characteristics are as sleek and sexy as shoes come.

It’s also refreshing to see a boldly different direction from the designer. We know he’s capable of making pretty much anything and everything look hot on a woman’s foot, but he tends to stick to his femmed-out guns. With a flattened heel and crisp straps (reminiscent of the Guggenheim Museum!), this nod to mod is funky and architectural. And I’m ready to wear these right now; I save sharp stilettos for evenings when my required walking merely involves getting in and out of a car or cab to a single location where I perch on my seat with my shoes in full display. At Barneys New York for $895.

One thought on “Christian Louboutin Sababa Slide: Loub’s New Groove

  1. Sandra Rowley on said:

    I like them, this is the only pair of Louboutin’s this season that I considered purchasing. I think they might even be somewhat comfortable…

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