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Christian Louboutin Sex 120 Patent-Leather Pumps: Let’s Talk About Sex

Shy snobs, avert your eyes! If you’re blushing just at the title, this pair is most certainly not for you. Christian Louboutin’s latest boundary-pushing pumps put it all out there – and all it took was one cheeky word. At least, cheeky is the connotation he was going for; prudish types may disagree. Patent-leather shoes that spell “sex” when you put your toes together (when you’re on the move, the wording is more discreet) get the message across. But what exactly are they announcing? That you want sex, like sex, or just want to raise a few eyebrows and like accessories that start conversations for you?

Dolce & Gabbana spelled the word out on their bawdy metal chokers about a decade ago. Needless to say, they pretty much stayed relegated to the runway. But Louboutin’s shimmering crystal variation is slightly less blatant. Just slightly.

I could see a bold pop star, like Rihanna, pulling these off with ease, as they require a level of rebel-panache to not look awkward or downright desperate. How do you feel: would you wear your “sex” on your toes? On Net-a-Porter for $1,395.



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