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Damir Doma Bagneto Slit Leather Tote Bag: High Tech Texture

Functional can be so boring so of course my recommendation is always to go with some exotic to spice things up. Well, first of all, that investment level might not work for everyone and secondly, and more importantly, do you really want to overuse your precious crocodile as a highly functional everyday bag that you throw all your junk in? Damir Doma has been surprising me with really incredible designs, like this textured bag made by slicing out little confetti size tags, like hanging chads. These little dangling tags catches the light and casts shadows, giving it a richness most textures don’t have. I also love the ingenious way the handles are attached, giving it another focal point to feast your eyes. This cool grey could be your summer’s best option. At LN-CC for $1352.

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