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Damir Doma Black Suede Messenger Bag: The Medium Is Not the Messenger

No doubt about it, this super-slim day-tripper rocks a totally cool shape. But contrary to its description, Damir‘s Doma is not technically a messenger bag – the shoulder strap, though somewhat adjustable, isn’t long enough to reach crossbody lengths. But even as it simply hangs from your shoulder, this makes for a great everyday carryall that totes more than you need, just like a messenger. The quirky-cool toggle closure looks intriguing (and punctuates the bag with understated pizzaz), but it’s no picnic to close up. Luckily, you don’t have to mess with it everytime, just when you hop on public transportation. What might be a buzzkill for some: the choice of suede. While it’s visually satisfying, the practicality of a suede bag is something to take into consideration. It gets distressed and destroyed more easily than leather. Plus, this isn’t cowhide, but horse-skin (which is actually more durable) – something to think about if you limit the animal products you use. On Ssense for $1,600.

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