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Derek Lam Small Charley Shoulder Bag: Romanced by the Stone

Derek Lam‘s graduated turquoise shoulder bag looks like a treasure you might have had the great fortune to acquire on a trip to Bora Bora or Anguilla, but despite the oceanic hue, it’s a city showstopper all the way! While the glazed snakeskin Charley is petite in size, it is big on functionality. You wouldn’t guess it, but this gem is double-sided with multiple compartments for all my gadgets and lip gloss. Such a jewel of a bag proves the best – and most precious (forget “semi”!) – things do come in little packages. Who needs a diamond in the rough when you have the rustic beauty of turquoise in surprising turquoise glory? At Barneys New York for $2,650.

10 thoughts on “Derek Lam Small Charley Shoulder Bag: Romanced by the Stone”

  1. It is an elegant bag. But I am bit confusing how to open this bag. I mean there are two buttons, which one works for opening?

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