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D&G Junior Girl’s Print Wedge Sandals: Spring to Your Feet

Butterflies on sandals? That dreamy motif is a guaranteed instant-sell for almost any little girl. But selling it to me is key since I’m the one with the money. And I’m not one to waste it on pricy tot shoes when their feet are growing rapidly. I’ll concede $340 is on the steep side for summertime sandals (or winter boots, for that matter), but at least this is D&G Juniors: bigger girls don’t grow as fast, and my emotional buying ticker is off the charts. How can I possibly resist?

Everybody deserves some butterfly love come spring – we all are itching to get out of our cocoons, little ones more so than anybody. With a stripy sole, these have major style, and they’ll look appropriately festive next to my own version of upbeat, printed sandals, like these Sergio Rossie platforms I have my eye on. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $340.



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