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Dita von Teese Carries Goyard: Dita Makes It Personal

Monday, May 7th is Retro Day for this Bag Snob! And there is no lady more suited to the role of vintage-glamour icon than the one and only Dita von Teese. Toting her favorite monogrammed Goyard Saigon bag in London last week, she proved yet again that she’s the epitome of classic polish. Monochrome black and, of course, a red lip are all you need to set off this top-handle.

Like D.V.T., I too am having a moment for all things monogrammed. After my Bottega Initial bag experience in Milano, it’s no surprise I’m I’m obsessed with monogramming everything, even shirts for my puppy. Goyard’s version is especially refined; I adore the hard structure of their Saigon bag. The nail heads are similar to those used on steamer trunks – this is one sturdy bag that will last decades if not centuries. And with this kind of timeless style, you will want it to. Inquire with Goyard for purchase.

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  1. I love this look, though her initials make me laugh as in England, D.V.T stands for Dee Vein Thrombosis – the blood clots in your legs when you’ve been sitting down for too long!