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Duality Cosmetics Nail-Pak All ‘n’ 1 Polish: All For One and One For All

Some new products come out and all you can wonder is: how did this not already exist? It took a mother of six girls, all of who indulge in weekly manicures, to come up with a start-to-finish nail kit, sans clutter. Barbara Lampugnale was beginning to go crazy with all the items needed for even a quick polish change, in salon or not, so she devised a bottle of lacquer that has a semi-hidden compartment. The bottom unscrews to reveal a nail file and 40 pre-soaked polish-remover pads. Genius! Especially for long days on the move when you sense a chip is imminent or for tossing in your travel bag (though for most vacations these days, I’m partial to gel manicures to avoid the polish cycle entirely). Stealthy manicurists and neurotic types who can’t bear an imperfect fingernail, you’ll welcome this addition to your cosmetics pouch.

Packs of two, in currently in Hot & Light Pink and Red & Sheer are available at Duality Cosmetics for $20.



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  1. Wow, that really is genius! Seriously… how come I never thought of that.. man.. lol They ‘re a little pricey, but definitely would come in handy for travellers and on-the-go girls (like me.. haha)! Thanks for sharing(:
    Rawrs, Evey