eos Refresh Everyday Hand Lotion: Size Does Matter


My new favorite thing is ergonomically shaped and sized hand lotions for everyday carrying-around. This tiny dollop of a bottle by eos is the perfect size for your bag, no matter how small it is. Even a clutch! Eos is a great brand – and this is a great lotion. With skin-conditioning oils and moisturizing shea butter, it absorbs easily and leaves your skin silky, not greasy. Just a tiny dime-size is all you need, so this little thing will last. It is so cute and tiny, there is no reason you can’t take this everywhere. It comes in many scents, but the cucumber is a bit reminiscent of Bath and Body Works. It’s not as strong, which I actually prefer, but it’s also not my favorite. The Berry and Dead Sea variations are better. This is the perfect solution for on-the-go hand-care! On Drugstore.comicon for $3.19 (from $3.99).

One thought on “eos Refresh Everyday Hand Lotion: Size Does Matter

  1. Sharon on said:

    I love EOS! They make the best shaving cream too

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