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Freeze 24/7 IceCream Double Scoop

I’ve been mulling over a few major decisions lately. Potentially I will be putting all of my life savings into buying an apartment and I might fulfill a live-long dream of buying a short-haired mini dachshund. In the meantime however I’ve taken up doing hot power yoga to add more “om” to my life and help me make the most reasonable decisions (and hopefully I will perfect my handstand in the process!). Needless to say, doing countless chaturanga dandasanas in a 105 degree studio means I’m taking many many showers, which is why in less than three weeks I’ve nearly used up the sample of Freeze 24-7 IceCream Double Scoop Anti-Aging Moisturizer ($105) I was given. Twice (sometimes three times a day), I’ve been layering the cream over Yes to Tomatoes Acne Lotion (believe it or not hot yoga isn’t the skin friendliest of workouts…), and it’s simply divine!

I first tried the cream on my hands at an event I went to a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe how butter soft they were even hours later. It’s an amazing firming and hydrating cream and it’s lightweight enough that you can easily layer it over an acne lotion, SPF, or whatever else you might use. It gives an instant tightening feeling, but without the dryness that is often associated with that. Plus it absorbs quickly and provides long-lasting hydration, while smoothing out your skin. Def a new favorite!


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