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It Cosmetics Reversible Lip Liner: The Lips Have It


Big, bright red lips are the big thing right now, but if you have a color-bleed problem (when it eeks into the fine lines of your lips and then feathers out around them), you might still be avoiding the boldness. Forget about low-impact lips for now! It Cosmetics’ Reversible Lip Liner will fix that right up.

All you do is line your lips with this waxy, neutral stick before applying your femme-fatale shade, whichever one you’ve chosen. It creates a no-budge barrier against bleeding lip color. With beeswax and cocoa seed butter, also moisturizes and keeps the lipstick looking glossy instead of dried up (dry, cakey lipstick is the worst…well, that and sticky, gooey lip gloss but I digress).

My only question is: why is it called “reversible”? When I hear reversible, I think of some sort of Transformer-style change-up. I think they mean it’s intended to reverse the wrinkles on and around your lips, though I can’t attest to that. I can only say it keeps red lips contained and looking sexy. On Beauty.comicon for $18.



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