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Jil Sander Studded Leather Shopper Tote: Let’s Talk Shop

There is nothing overwhelmingly exciting about a simple tote with a border of studs, but this shade of aquamarine is another story. I am in love with this color…or maybe I’m just in love with Jil Sander. Because their keen way with minimalism and fearless way with color gets my heart speeding up every time, no matter how boring the bag should be. Anyway, no one can argue that an open shopper with an interior pocket isn’t handy. Nor will it be tucked in the back of the closet for too long. Especially when it comes to traveling, work days, errand-running, and kids stuff…basically, daily life! Turquoise with silver hardware is crisp, and it offers those studs a more feminine feel. I appreciate a bag that doesn’t mess around when it comes to convenience but doesn’t mind giving you a wink with a carefree mood. On My Theresa for $1,625.

Pair with: While you won’t be likely to wear these flats out at night – or take this bag out after dark, for that matter – you’ll still get a kick out of knowing that Repetto’s classic off-white ballet flats are actually phosphorescent. As in, they glow in the dark!
On Ssense for $280.



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