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Jimmy Choo Biker Chain-embellished Shoulder Bag: Biker Chic for the Non Biker Chick

This is the coolest Jimmy Choo bag since like, never!! I’m not even big on the biker look but this is making me want to. It’s just very well done, the hobo shape with the flap is a welcoming new feel. But of course it’s all about the chains. And just the right amount of them, hanging perfectly asymmetrically in place. Go crossbody if you really are getting on a bike, or in my case, sample sale shopping. The adjustable shoulder strap has a nicely padded shoulder so you can really take advantage of the size and fill it to your heart’s desire. This could be their comeback vehicle, we haven’t cared about Jimmy Choo bags in a long, too long, time. At Net-a-Porter for $1795.

Pair With: Dolce & Gabbana Mesh Biker Boots. Hey, if you’re going there, you might as go all the way. The mesh is especially great for warm weather LA and allows for occasional wear for summer evenings. At Net-a-Porter for $875.



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