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Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial: Beauty Sleep

I love a good nighttime ritual – in-room massages, fresh, high thread-count sheets, salted baths…I could happily start getting ready for bed at 6pm! So I always welcome an evening addition, like Korres’ new Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial, a lush cream you apply allover after washing your face before hitting the sheets.

Richer than a night cream and lighter than a mask, we all know wild rose oil has the ability to heal and moisturize and that Vitamin C is an energy booster for skin. But Korres has elevated their ingredients with a Phos Compound that’s got a brightening agent. They stress that it takes about two weeks to see dramatic results – skin that’s noticeably more radiant (a word that gets thrown around a little generously in the beauty world, if you ask me) and even-toned. I just started using the facial two nights ago, and I will admit that so far, the most pleasurable part is the smooth application. But my skin did already feel softer and silkier by morning. I’ll give you an update in two weeks – let’s hope for “radiant” results! At Sephora for $48.



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