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Lydia Courteille Opal and Black Diamond Tarantula Ring: An Unlikely Seduction


Opal is not high up on my list of super-desirable stones, but here, rising from an intricate black diamond and sapphire setting and looking like a deadly, poisonous pouch, it is anything but dull. I’m envisioning this creature weaving all sorts of glamorous webs, but this is actually a tarantula, not a spider. Which is scarier still! Have you seen a real-life tarantula? I did 20 years ago, and I still get goose bumps thinking of it…A giant, hairy spider the size of my face? That can kill way bigger animals, like snakes and birds?! I’ll never get over it.

Though, after all, it is all about conquering your fears. In this case, beating the beast comes with a $60-grand price tag. Yes, this darkly mysterious beauty might help me recover from past traumas. Black diamonds have a way of doing that to me. Although Lydia Courteille’s ring would turn my arachnid nightmare into a dream, it might have to remain just that: a fantasy. At Browns Fashionicon for $60,113.47 (£37,130).



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