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Mother’s Day Giveaway! Thanks, Michael Kors!

Congrats to Julianne J. of Lake Nebagamon, WI – winner of the Jet Set tote!

What does Mom want? A bag of course! But not just any bag will do for Mom, which is why we are giving away the JET SET tote bag from Michael Kors! In slick lacquered pink saffiano leather with subtle gold hardware, this oversized tote is the perfect summer bag!


1. “Like” Michael Kors on Facebook here

2. “Like” Bag Snob on Facebook here

3. Leave a comment that you’ve liked us and tell us why you or your mom should win! (If you already likes us, leave a comment to enter!)

Winner will be chosen on Saturday, May 12th via random computer drawing from the COMMENTS entered on this post! Good luck πŸ™‚

Thank you, Michael Kors, for this awesome giveaway for Mom!

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268 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway! Thanks, Michael Kors!”

  1. What a lovely giveaway! I would so love to be Kors bagged! And of course I’ve been a loyal FB fan of Bag Snob and MK. Thanks for the grand chance.

  2. I not only “like” you on facebook but I trully adore you on #Twitter πŸ™‚ My wife who is a mom of our great son Basil would love that bag… Love xoxo

    1. If my lovely mom Patricia Finn Jackson was alive, I know she would love that hot pink MK bag! She was a purse and tote connoisseur and she passed her love of bags onto me.

  3. I already liked both of your pages on Facebook before this contest, so I will take that as a good sign! Thanks for hosting this fabulous contest!

  4. Michael Kors like, checked
    (fabulous) Bag Snob like, checked
    Surprising one of the most wonderful women and mother in the world with a beautiful MK bag for mothers day….please!
    My mom doesn’t ever want much and she deserves this and much more.
    Thanks for the giveaway and hopefully my Mami wins it!

    1. Sorry “would” and my mom should win because, she works her a** off every day in a Chinese restaurant to support my 2 brothers and I and still provide a comfortable lifestyle.

  5. My mom should win because she done many sacrifices to make our family always happy. She is always here for everything you need: if you need a friend she’s here, if you need a suggestion she’s here, if you need everything she take it to you!
    And she has the strenght and the patience only a woman has!

    Liked both the pages πŸ™‚

  6. I liked both pages (as Connie Hamblen Williamson). Would LOVE to win that bag! It has my name written all over it. πŸ˜‰

  7. Liked both pages already and my mom should win cause she has been such an inspiration to me, she has taught me to be a great daughter, sister, wife, & now a mom just like her. She’s my super hero who’s love is always unconditional.

  8. Long time fan of BOTH Facebook pages. Both my mom and I are purse fanatics and we love Michael Kors! Hope I win the purse then we can fight over who gets it afterwards. Sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day! πŸ™‚

  9. What a Happy Mother’s Day this bag would make!
    I liked both on facebook. My mom would absolutely die for this bag; a chic transition from her drab/functional purses.

  10. I liked Michael Kors and liked Bag Snob on FB. I love reading your articles! Thanks for the giveaway…hopefully a Happy Mother’s Day to me!

  11. My mom should win because soon she will celebrate her birthday and despite her age ( 80 ) she is young at spirit, optimistic, chic, fashionable. And pink is one of her favorite colours.

    Liked both pages (as Delia Jerca) – BagSnob & Michael Kors. Thank you for this giveaway.

  12. I liked both facebook pages. I would love to give this bag to my mom because she doesn’t have many bags. When I do get her a bag she always ask how much it is and if it was too expensive (more than $100), she would tell me to return it. Maybe if I won a bag she would finally keep it?

  13. I’ve liked your pages! My mom deserves a bag like this because she has never bought anything so extravagant for herself. Like most moms she does more for others than herself. Love her!

  14. I’ve liked both, although Ive liked Bag Snob for a while now, big fan! I would love to win this bag because I have been very sad lately & this would definitely lift my spirits! My son is graduating from high school in one week. He is my oldest child & only son. It just hit me that he’s grown up & will be moving on. I am so proud of him my heart is almost bursting with love & pride. Hes grown into an amazing young man.

  15. woehoeeeeeeeeeeeee GOD i love Michael Kors and Bagsnob for joining and do this give-away ! Michael Kors is an amazing designer and makes me fall in love every time with his collection s so….fingers crossed like crazyyyyyyyyyy! XOXO love Carla

  16. I’ve liked both MK and Bag Snob on Facebook! I love Michael Kors and have a great MK purse, but my mom needs one too! She’s always sacrificing everything for our family; she rarely has nice things, and she would love a beautiful purse like this!!!

  17. I like michael kors and bag snob. My mom passed away 12 years ago at 43. I do have 4 children and could use this bag to put all our goodies in as we travel

  18. Already like you and now Michael Kors too. My mom should win and it’s because she is My Mom. She is quite a cool mom also!

  19. Already “liked” both of you long ago. Michael Kors is the devil, and you are his handmaidens — I can never walk past one of his stores without going in & buying something!

  20. I like you both on Facebook (Valerie Carozza). My late mom loved handbags. I guess I inherited that from her πŸ™‚ I now have a daughter of my own…..and guess what? She’s even more in love with handbags than I am…..a good addiction to have πŸ™‚

  21. Like you and Mr. Kors. And I’m a mother who would very much enjoy a lipstick pink bag.

  22. I liked both facebook pages. I think this bag would be great because she deserves something cute.

  23. I liked the MK page and the bag snob facebook pages!! My mother deserves this beautiful bag because she is a teacher for kids with learning disabilities and works so hard to improve these kids’ lives…she doesn’t do enough for herself and could use the pampering!

  24. Always like Both! My mother is one of the most incredible people in my life! She deserves it! My mother is always there for me and I would really love to surprise her with this bag! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!

  25. I liked Michael Kors and already liked you on facebook. I’d love to win this bag for my mom because she needs a pop of color to add to her wardrobe!

  26. I love MK and bagsnob you have great hi-class taste in bags. I can only imagine what your closet looks like – a bag lovers dream <3 MK has great designs and reasonable prices and this bag is great to hold enough stuff yet not too bulky, love the bright color too! Also my Mommy would definitely need a MK bag, she carries those $1 bags from the grocery stores, help!!!

  27. Liked both pages!

    My mother should win, because she has always, always put her children, family and even non-family members ahead of herself on a daily basis. She is the most selfless person I know. She never treats herself to things like handbags and jewelry because she thinks the money could be better spent elsewhere and on other people. I try to emulate her kindness, sincerity, and patience, but will probably never be able to match her in these qualities because she is just that amazing.

    Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all mom’s out there!


  28. liked you both on FB.. my mom should win this because even though she doesn’t really shop for herself anymore, handbags are the one thing she’ll shop for!

  29. I liked both (Lubka Kotmanikova). I would like to win it for myself, I dont have any brand handbag, its color is lovely and provocative.

  30. Although I don’t have a Facebook account, I do show my support on twitter. My mom really deserves to win this giveaway as she is the most generous person and always looking out for others. She puts her self last. She really does have a heart of gold. She rarely buys any luxury for herself and she always admired michael kors’ design bags. It would be much appreciative if she is the one to get it. It would make her day even special.

  31. My mom is just as beautiful and fantastic as this bag. She deserves this more than anything. Fingers crossed!

  32. Just “liked” on Facebook! My mom would rock this bag, it would be perfect for her! I’d love to share my love of Michael Kors with her πŸ™‚

  33. Like both on mother has gone above and beyond her duties when it comes to her children n granddaughters. She does for her babies before herself all the time at any cost. She has never owned a real designer bag n i bet she would b happier the a pig in mud to win this πŸ˜‰

  34. I have liked both pages!
    My mother would be so thankful for the bag, she dosent have the nicest things, so I know this would put a big smile on her face. She always puts family first and I would love to be able to surprise her with something so nice like the bag:) praying<3

  35. I ‘liked’ Michael Kors and Bag Snob!! I’ve been away at college & cannot be with my mom on Mother’s Day. My moms favorite designer has always been Michael Kors!! She is the hardest working mother in my eyes; works full time and is back in college working towards her nursing degree. She deserves everything including this bag!!

  36. I like(d) Bag Snob and Michael Kors! And I love my mom and this bag! She should win because her and my dad just recently opened their own urgent care center, and she works so hard to help other people, something she’s done her whole life! I’ve been away at college and next year after I graduate, I’m moving across the country. The MK bag has my initials on it, so she can think of me when she uses it and know how much I appreciate her! πŸ™‚

  37. I liked bag snob and Michael kors! This is a great giveaway to a mom that deserves the best! Being away at college working hard for a degree I do not get to see my mom often or have the money to get her a gift she deserves. That is why I would love to win this bag for her!

  38. My mom needs a new bag terribly! She’s a hard working lawyer and that pink bag would brighten up her black suit she has to wear all the time. She’s the best mom in the world, happy mothers day to all mothers out there!

  39. I have already liked both “Bag Snob” and “Michael Kors” Facebook pages before this competition! Fingers crossed!

  40. Liked Michael Kors on Facebook
    Liked Bag Snob on Facebook

    i think my mom deserves to win because she always gives back .All the little money she gets she spends it on clothes or other things for relatives in mexico who have very little .She always thinks about others before herself.I can’t even remember the last time she bought herself something because she always thinks about others first .

    Thank you for the chance to give back to my mom .My email is cupcakebabe416 (at)gmail(dot)com

  41. Followed both on FB under the name Rachel Green. My mom deserves THE BEST and Michael Kors is THE BEST. She loves gold hardware. This would be the perfect present for her.

    thattweetthing at gmail dot com

  42. Like Both pages! I’m just hoping my mother becomes one lucky woman! One exceptional, beyond words woman..I don’t know what I’d be or do if it wasn’t for her, love her!

  43. I already liked both pages on facebook. I would love to win this bag for my mom because she is very generous and always puts others before herself. My mom recently went back to work, after taking off to raise her kids, and I know this gift would make her transition easier. It would show her that although I am no longer living at home because of college, I still think about her. I want to show her how thankful i am to have a great mom like her.

  44. I like both FB pages (colleen boudreau)
    My mom should win because she’s never had a designer bag before. πŸ™‚
    holliister at gmail dot com

  45. Been a follower of you & MK a long time ago on twitter. Already liked on FB!!! I would love to win for me & my mom because we’re gonna share this to each other. We deserve to win this fabulous bag because my mom always share to her children on what she have & so do I to her. Sharing is caring!!! Goodluck to everyone!

  46. I already “like” you guys on FB (the bag snob) and I *liked* Michael Kors as well! What mom wouldn’t want an awesome looking purse like that! πŸ™‚

  47. I liked both! My mom’s bd is the 15th and mothers day is the 13th.. I think she would appreciate such an awesome gift!

  48. Like both on facebook (jeannine drenchek-scavo) and my mom needs this bag..she is so out of date and needs to come more into fashion

  49. I’d love to give this bag to my mom and I miss her sooo much! I haven’t seen her in 2 years because we’re living continents apart =(. She is the best MOM ever! She LOVES bags and tote bags to be exact! =D Liked both MK and Bag Snob too on Facebook!

  50. I like Michael Kors and Bag Snob and I should win this for my mother because I can not afford something as nice as this at the moment

  51. i liked both. My mom should win because she has put me and my sister before herself all her life πŸ™‚

  52. Liked!!! My mom should win this MK bag because she deserves it. She’s a hardworking and very supportive mother. πŸ™‚

  53. I would love this bag for my mom. She’s a frugalista and could really use a new work bag. I love my mom but she would love this gift and I think it wil help her become more of a snob! Love this blog and MK. Great job Tina and Kelly!

  54. I would love this bag for myself. I love Michael Kors and saw this bag recently at Macys. I have been saving up to treat myself and this would be the ultimate mom’s day gift for me!I am a great mom and I have never won a surprise.

  55. Love both MK and TBS! My Mom’s been tirelessly caring for my Dad during a long, difficult illness. This bag would sure be a wonderful pick me up for her.

  56. I like both on Facebook. I want to win because I want to own at least one designer bag. I didn’t realize how wonderful they were until my boyfriend started trying to introduce me to the “finer things in life”. I am always out for a good deal or bargain. I am being taught style and that maybe I do deserve to have nice things.

  57. I like you both on FB. This has been the “Annus Horribilis” or “Horrible year” for our family. My brother lost his only daughter to leukemia at age 16 and we’ve all been struggling with grief, but Mom has not been able to come to grips with this situation. My heart aches for her, and no, a bag won’t do the trick, but it could make her smile for awhile and treat herself in a way she is reluctant to do.

  58. I love this bag!!! My mom and I both deserve to win because I absolutely love color and have been trying to convince my mom to introduce some into her bag collection! She’s more of a classisist when it comes to color….beige tan and white for spring, browns and blacks for fall/winter. I would love to see this pop of color in the bag section of her closet!!

  59. Hehe … my husband LIKED both for me as it’s for Mother’s Day and I LIKE reading BagSnob every day. Smart girt to breakthrough in China … Bravo … And btw how wonderful would it be if I were chosen to win the bag too!

  60. I liked both on FB (AmyHadra). I would love to gift this bag to my MIL who is undergoing surgery right around Mother’s Day. Thanks!

    amybelle2001 at gmail dot com

  61. Of course I like you! I’d like to win because this is my first mother’s day and that bag would be super stylish for diapers!

  62. My mom certainly deserves this bag for mother’s day! She is just an all around amazing person. She is hard working, giving, loving, appreciative…the list can literally go on for days. She is so sweet to everyone, and never fake. She will do a favor for anyone, and never expects anything in return, although a simple β€œthank you” is always nice! She would never spend the money on herself because she’d rather spend on someone else, but she is very deserving of a gift like this!

  63. Liked both facebook pages.

    My mom is the sunshine in my life. Would love to win the bag for her. Thanks.

  64. Liked both pages, love the bag, would be great to win this beautiful MK item. If not, congrats to the winner and a happy Mother’s day!

  65. liked both.
    I would like this for my mom, she means the world to me and deserves the best cuz she’s the best.

  66. Really like the bag. It would make my wife happier on Mother’s Day. The kids won’t be here, so it’s just us, and I can’t afford to buy her much right now. We’ve had some helacious medical bills this year, thanks to our “new medical guides”-courteosy of our fine government leaders.

  67. I have liked both sites on facebook – crossing my fingers for mothers day win – would love to win something special for my mom!

  68. I liked Michael Kors and Bag Snob on Facebook .
    What a goregous bag giveaway y’all are doing. The lucky lady who wins this ( hopefully it’ll be me ) , will definately look great this summer carrying it .

  69. Like and already liked – my mum gave up everything fancy so we could have a good chance in life – this bag would be a little bit of pay back. Love the ‘snob!!

  70. I like both pages. My mom deserves to win this because she is the best. She is 73 & still highlights her grays, wears high heels, dresses cool & would never wear polyester! She weighs less than 100 #…she hasn’t been well since my sister passed away at age 44. She fights skin cancer with grace. She is the rock of our family.

  71. I “like” both, and I’d love to win this for my mom because she adores fashion but never treats herself to luxuries. She would be so excited to own this beautiful bag!

  72. My mum would love this bag. Pink is her favorite color so it would be very suitable for her πŸ™‚ This would be a lovely mothers’ day and birthday present. Her birthday is in May too!

  73. I liked on pages on FB. My mom would love this purse. I can’t buy her anything without her asking for the price or telling me to return it. Hopefully I win so she will keep the purse πŸ™‚

  74. I liked Michael Kors & Bag Snob on Facebook..Kenya G.
    My mom deserves to win because she’s cool, classy & the one of the best mom out there. She would LOOOOVE this Michael Kors Tote!

  75. There should be a “love” button! I more than “liked’ you. My mom is the best person to go shopping with in the world.

  76. My mom should totally win! She and I were just discussing how she NEEDS a new summer bag, and this Michael Kors pink saffiano leather tote totally fits the bill.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the moms out there! And thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  77. I have liked you both, I love your column, read it every week. This has been an extremely hard year for me between finances(lost our house) and illness(fell down the stairs, (recouping since July)then got pneumonia, this would be a total up. It would make my mother’s day.

  78. My mother always tells me how I can wear anything, because I’m young, and she doesn’t see that she is still stunning and can be bold as well! She never shops for herself, and I’m sure she would love this tote and not have to feel guilty about it πŸ™‚

  79. I “liked” you and M.K. in facebook!
    My mom really deserves to win this, because she doesn’t own any designer bags, she can’t afford them and this one is so pretty and would go great with her bubbly personality and her style.
    Thank you and M.K. for this amazing giveaway! πŸ™‚

  80. I liked you before and I like you now! And my mom should win because she is stylish but totally disorganized. She needs a gorgeous bag like this that can carry everything she needs in one place!

  81. Big fan of both the Snobs and MK for a long time – and while my closet is full of MK bags and clothes, as well as many Snob recommendations, there is always room for another fabulous tote!

  82. I like Michael Kors and Bag Snob! I would love to win that beautiful bag. My daughter would love to borrow it too.

  83. I like you and Michael Kors on FB. I would love to win this for my mother. She has been looking for a red purse for over a year so this would be fantastic!


  84. I’ve liked you BagSnob. Things you present here are art, I’m bag-o-holic. Why my mom? She deserves everything best. She sacrificed her own style and any kind of luxury just to upbrought me and my siblings. Now, when we’re adult and independent, I’d like give her something as special as this bag.

  85. I liked both pages on Facebook. My mom deserves this tote because she needs a nice bright, stylish accessory to accentuate her look.

  86. I should win, because I’m a mom that adores PINK. I hardly ever splurge on myself, and this jet set travel tote would make me squeal with delight!

  87. lol…forgot to put in my above response…Would LOVE to WIN this for my mamasita because she’s ALWAYS buying me the creme de la creme wherever she goes. She’s always thinking about me and what I would want so to be able to WIN this for her and present something uber fashionable to her would probably blow BOTH our minds! lol…gracias!! xx

  88. I like MK and BS on Facebook as Za Ali. I would like this bag for my friend who is a like a mom to my family. She has supported us throughout our hard and difficult times.

  89. I am a Mom, I don’t have one to send this too, so I would love it, my son would never think to enter for me to win.

  90. Hey guys I *like* both pages in Facebook. I would love to win this for me and my mom, because I havent seen her in a long time. She lives very far and this will be a great way to how her how thankful I am for the wonderful support that she has showed me in every decision that I made in all these years!! πŸ™‚

  91. I like both pages already! I’d love to win since my Mother’s Day gift is usually something like a trip to see a Disney movie or to go bowling… Mommy could use something a bit more luxurious this year!

  92. my mother is the most unselfish and caring person! she always puts the family before herself first and she definitely deserves to win this bag!

  93. I love Micheal Kors, he is not only an amazing designer, but an amazing person. I think my mom should deserve to win because she is such a wonderful person. She takes care of me and my brothers, she volunteers, and still finds time to run her own business. Thanks for this chance to give her a mothers day present worthy of her greatness!!!

  94. Hi. I liked you guys on FB. I think my mom should win it because she truly deserves it. She allowed me to chase my dreams and move to NY all alone even though she is financially struggling. She supports me in everything i do plus she’s a big MK fan.

  95. I’ve liked Bag Snob and Michael Kors. My mom deserves to win because after years of taking care of my sister and I, she now has time to enjoy her artwork and painting!

  96. I both liked the facebook pages of the Michael Kors and The Bag Snob.
    I deserve to win because I want to make the woman of my life, my Mom, feel extra special! I owe to her my existence. Bringing me inside her for 9mos plus risking her life during giving birth to me is no joke. My family is going through hardships but remained firm and still not precisely for herself but for us the most. She sacrificed a lot for me and for our family. I know I can never give back all the things she did for us but if I win this, I will make her feel that everything she did for us is appreciated and loved that eventually return back to her somehow all the favor she did for us. She really deserves this bag. A woman who exudes nothing but love for her family.
    Thank you!

  97. liked both and my mom deserves to win because she doesn’t have enough pink in her life! I’d love to brighten her wardrobe

  98. I like michael Kors and Bag Snob! The reason my mother and I should win is that we are unforgettable and undeniable like Michael Kors and Bag Snob!!!

  99. My mom should absolutely win because she is an amazingly resilient and positive woman. She has been battling ovarian cancer for over 4 years and is still going strong. She values life’s many gifts and stays optimistic through tough times. She is truly an inspiration to me. She does not do or buy for herself often, and this bag would certainly lift her spirits.

  100. I liked bagsnob and. MK on Facebook. And my mom and I should win because my mom HAS no chic bags and so needs this one!!

  101. Like you both on FB! Who has a mother that would not want a new bag? Mine surely would! Thanks for the chance!

  102. Well, seeing as I don’t have Facebook, I’ll make a comment. Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers and this pink purse would look fine dangling from my arm since I became a grandma 3 weeks ago. Red and shades of pink are colors that look good on me and I like this smooth bag and the initial on the leather strap reminding me of a watch fob.

  103. I would love to win this tote for my Mom, because she has always lovingly supported & encouraged my 3 siblings & me to pursue whatever we want. She truly is superwoman in my eyes, because she works extremely hard teaching & caring for children with learning/mental disabilities in our school district. She is always there to listen & give advice to those who reach out to her. I love my mom so much!! πŸ™‚

    I have liked both facebook pages – Thank you for this amazing give away!

  104. my mom died when i was a teenager father died 2 yrs after mom cared my gradmother til she was 89 was 36 when i lost her in my early 40’s suffered debilitating illness a woman i barely knew took me in and cared for me now we care for each other as family she’s only a few years older than me but i call her momma because that’s what she has become

  105. Thanks for the great giveaway, being a single mom, This bag is out of my budget , would love to win it though πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance

  106. I like you both! My Mom should win because she has never owned a designer anything….and she is such an inspiration to me.

  107. I liked Bag Snob & Michael Kors. My mother should win because she always knows when to say yes, no, or nothing at all. She never wanted me to be just like her or anyone else and supported me even if she didn’t understand why I wanted to achieve certain things.

    I already liked both pages (Julie Luhtala) My mom should win this because she survived her 3rd heart attack in March, and has to get more stents put in her heart at the end of this month! ?She deserves a huge treat like this bag! Also it was just her b-day (the 5th) and mother;s day is coming up…So I would love to win this to show her how much I truly love her and how much she means to me!

    I already liked both pages (Julie Luhtala) My mom should win this because she survived her 3rd heart attack in March, and has to get more stents put in her heart at the end of this month! ?She deserves a huge treat like this bag! Also it was just her b-day (the 5th) and mother;s day is coming up…So I would love to win this to show her how much I truly love her and how much she means to me!

  110. Liked it, loved it and my mom should win this bag because she has single-handedly raised 4 kids by herself, working day and night to do so and she would never treat herself to something this nice (even though she deserves it!). And if she wins then I can borrow it! πŸ™‚

  111. I’ve liked both pages on facebook. I think my mom should win because she works so hard to support both my sister and I through college and now Pharmacy school and Medical school. She never spends money on herself and would never think to splurge on a purse! It would make such a great mother’s day gift for the woman who gives without asking for anything in return. Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I already liked you and now I like Michael Kors as well. This is seriously cool and in one of my favorite colors. No telling when I will need a search party to find me as I am directionally challenged. Thank you!

    Liked MK and TBS. My mom should win this bag because she has worked hard to care for her family and loved ones. She does everything for everyone else without asking for anything in return. She is selfless and loves unconditionally. She IS the epitome of the perfect mother.

    Liked MK and TBS. My mom should win this bag because she has worked hard to care for her family and loved ones. She does everything for everyone else without asking for anything in return. She is selfless and loves unconditionally. She IS the epitome of the perfect mother.

  115. Liked you both on FB. Would love to surprise my mom who rarely spends money on herself and I don’t have the money to spend as a SAHM

  116. I like both pages on Facebook – Lydia A.F. My mom would absolutely love it, she actually told me that she would really like a Michael Kors bag! She’s constantly taking care of others, while my dad is out of the country serving his country most of the time. Thanks! =)

  117. As a faithful reader of Bag Snob, I can easily say I like you. My mom would love this Michael Kors bag – a classic style in durable saffiano leather!

  118. Thanks….Bag Snob, because of awsm collection of royal accessories having my favorite bag in pink color, I have visited different different fashion sites for bag, footwear,sari, salwar, and jewelry for mother day special gifts but this bag is awesome…..

  119. I like both FB pages. I think that I should have this fab bag because it would go perfectly with my new red sandals.

  120. I liked Bag Snob & Michael Kors on Facebook. I would love to win this bag, because like most Mom’s, I rarely take the time to spoil myself. It would be such a treat to have a beautiful bag.

  121. I like Michael Kors and Bag Snob! :)) My mom and I are both bag crazy.. so this is definitely something we can share

  122. I’ve like both. My mom should win because she’s amazing and I love her so much. She gave me life and I love her for that. She makes sure I’m okay and that I’m doing fine. I wouldn’t trade her for any other mom. I love my mom.

  123. I’ve “liked” MK and Bag Snob! I think my mom should win because she is such a great mom. She’s gone through breast cancer twice and had to take care of my grandma who suffered from dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons. She never splurges on herself, always saying she doesn’t need it even though I know she loves pretty stuff. Would love for her to win it.

  124. I follow Michael Kors and Bag Snob on Facebook! And I would love to win this bag for my mom; she has been saving for ANYTHING Michael Kors for SO long now and I would love to get this bag for her! She’s also getting married soon and this would be a lovely gift to give her as a wedding present for her honeymoon <3

    Thank you!!!

  125. I “liked” BagSnob and Michael Kors! I would love to win this bag! Love it – with all boys in my house they would never pick out a great bag like this for me. What an awesome giveaway!

  126. “liked” bagsnob and michael kors on facebook!

    my mom should win because she’s never had a luxurious handbag before, and she would LOVE the pink MK tote! πŸ™‚

  127. Every gal likes carrying something as pretty as this. Mum & I are no different. We’d be styling carrying this.

  128. I’ve like the Bagsnob and Michael Kors pages.

    My mom is definitely more than deserving of this bag for mothers day. My mom gives up everything for me, my brother and my dad. She is very hardworking and puts her money towards family expenses and not herself. I am a University student and I would love to give my mom everything she wished for, but as a student I can not afford something as nice as a Michael Kors tote. I think that she would be ecstatic if she received this Michael Kors tote for Mothers Day because it is something that she would not buy herself and its pink! πŸ˜€

  129. My Mom would love this bag she actually has a hot pink dress that would go perfect with this bag, thank you and a huge thank you to Michael Kors πŸ™‚

  130. I have liked both MK and Bag Snob on Facebook! With a family Europe trip coming up, my mom and I would both love the perfect jet setter tote, especially one as fabulous as the MK tote!

  131. I’d love to win this beautiful bag because I haven’t bought myself a designer bag in years! I’m going in to withdrawal, but this beauty would fix that! πŸ™‚

  132. I’m a long time fan of Michael Kors and a new fan of yours because of him! Although my mom deserves this beautiful bag because she is wonderful and always there for me, she isn’t a fan of pink. So If I win, I will have to buy her a different one. Two for the price of one! πŸ˜‰ I love this pink bag and so will my 2 year old daughter, who will say, “Mommy can I hold it?” Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  133. I’ve liked both pages on facebook! πŸ™‚ My mom and I would die for this bag! It’s so beautiful- we would have to wear it all the time. A bag like this needs to be worn!
    Thank you!

  134. I’ve liked both pages and I’m so excited about winning this! I’ve never had a “fancy” purse and this would be a perfect Mother’s Day present for me! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  135. I liked both BagSnob and Michael Kors on Facebook. My mom would love this bag. After being sick for a few years, she’s healthier and beginning to embrace her inner style maven (which I knew was always there. I had to get my good taste from somewhere,right?!) A beautiful classic Michael Kors bag in such a vibrant pink would inspire her to break out of her style rut and definitely put a smile on her face. I live to see her smile. Thank you Bag Snob and Michael Kors.

  136. I like both and my mom should win because she’s my best friend and why wouldn’t I want my best friend to have a great new bag?

  137. I liked both pages on FB — FB: Ella C. Parker

    I would love to win this for my mom because I’m missing her so much and she lives miles and miles away from me πŸ™
    She’ll difinitely love this gorgeous bag, plus her favorite color is red! Perfect!

  138. love this idea! so cute(: i like both facebook pages. and my momma deserves to win because not only is she a HUGE fan of Michael Kors, but she needs a good, well made, sturdy bag for work. She’s been using an old fashioned tote in not so great condition. When working with clients, she deserves to present herself in a chic modern way! (:

  139. I liked Micahel Kors and Bag Snob on facebook. My mother would love this purse as a gift for motther’s day.Due to the recent economy,i’ve have had some hard times and my mom has been their helping me get back on my feet.I would love to win this bag and take her out to eat and show it off to everyone.

  140. I like Michel Kors and bag snob on facebook
    thanks for this awesome giveaway

    I love my mother a lot and havnt gifted her anything yet , I take this as a wonderful opportunity.

  141. I liked Micahel Kors and Bag Snob on facebook.I really would love it if my mom won.Due to the recent economy ,i have had some hard times and she has hepled out.I would love to take her out to show everyone that gorgeous bag as a thank you mom for always being their.

  142. I “liked” your page on facebook…I think my mom really deserves this bag because she’s been through alot in the past year. She got in a bad car accident about a year ago, and is lucky to be alive. It was not only traumatizing for her, but for the rest of my family as well. She’s still kinda down in the dumps about it, so winning this bag would cheer her up big time!

  143. I would love to win this fab tote for my mom! Thanks for the chance! My mom is my hero. She survived a bad divorce and breast cancer to raise me single handedly. The doctors had no hope for her survival but she proved everyone wrong. I was raised to fiercely independence and go after my dreams no matter what the situation at home. I love her to death and want to make her happy every single day!xo

    Fb fan of both pages – San Dalvi

  144. Liked you both! I would love to say that my mommy should win this (she totally deserves it!), but I want it for me! Maybe I’ll let her borrow…

  145. Liked both of you on FB as Szabina Luzics!

    Mom should win this bag because she LOVEs pink, she’s a pretty inner faerie child πŸ™‚ and she affords so little for herself just to give/buy/make us what we would like to have (even now when so lost her job…) and she already DESERVED this amazing bag all of these!!!

  146. Liked both facebook fan page as Tian Hapsari.

    I would love to give this beutiful purse to my mom, I never been able to buy her this kind of purse. She’ll be so happy if I can win it for her as mother’s day present. thank you so much, πŸ™‚

  147. I liked you both on Facebook (jemima puddleduck).

    I’d love to win because I’m a new(ish) mommy, and I haven’t had anything pretty since the babies!

  148. Love both BagSnob and MK and that’s why I liked it. Would love to win this for my everyday pop of color. Thanks!

  149. My mom deserves to win because she has been through alot these past years with divorce, in the hospital, not to mention being a single mom! I know she would love it !! Also I could borrow it πŸ™‚

  150. I liked both Michael Kors and Bag Snob on Facebook (Andrea Hamilton).

    My mom would love this bag. My Aunt buys bags all the time and sends one or two to my mom from time to time and it just makes her so happy. I know she would love this purse and would get a lot of use out of it.

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  151. I have liked both MK and BagSnob! <3

    Each mom deserves to win because from the moment she gives birth to her child she gives up everything and devotes her attention, time and energy to providing for her child. My mother went through three consecutive breast surgeries and never did she once take a break from caring for her five children. She would never let us know how much pain she was in nor let us see her tears. She made sure that her daughters would receive a proper education so they would never have to think twice of purchasing something that their heart desired. I want to win this bag for my mother because she has endured a lot these past few years, like many mothers do, and I just want her to have her first designer bag.

  152. i’ved liked you all and my mom should win because she could definitely use a cute travel tote when she comes to visit us in Hawaii later this month!! πŸ™‚

  153. I love hot pink, I love giveaways and I love you. The bag would be a great mother’s day gift for me from my 4 kids.

  154. I’ve liked BagSnob and I like Michael Kors on FB!!!!

    My mum should win this bag because she is a woman with an enormous, warm heart who deserves to own at least one decent looking bag that can carry all her things. Until now, I don’t know how, but she’s only managed to buy too little bags. Her trouble with her too small bags have given me a lot of joy and laughter but it’s about the time the woman of my life got a bag of her worth!!

  155. liked both pages + I want to win this purse because this year I feel like my mother and I finally got a bit closer than we ever were. Must be me growing up and her finally realizing that I am a grown ass woman! It feels nice to have her there as my mother only and not as a military squad. Anyways, would be nice to win a little something for her πŸ™‚

  156. we recently got robbed and my mom had 2 of her purses stolen. it was very fortunate that no one was home though. and besides she’s been through a lot this year~!!

    happy mother’s day to all mothers

    (already liked both pages ages ago!)

  157. ii recently lost a friend to cancer and have been feeling melancholy and blue.

    carrying that bold beautiful MK bag with my creme suit will remind me that i can be confident
    and courageous in carrying on!

    I do LIKE bagsnob & MK …

  158. I like both pages on Facebook! And I’d love to win because my mom taught me all about fashion and this would be a great way to pay her back πŸ˜‰

  159. I should win this bag because I am a hard-working fulltime homemum to two little princesses. I don`t have much money, but oΒ΄boy if I did, IΒ΄d buy that bag for myself. I would cherish it and later my daughters would have it <3

  160. Hi BagSnob, I love your website, you’re doing a great job!!! I saw your blog on the MK contest and I wanted to say a few words about my very special mom, best friend, and wonderful person. My mom is a dietitian at a local hospital and treats people suffering from mental health diseases. She has been working there for 35 years and has never once complained about her job. She has helped hundreds of people successfully get control over their life and illness because of her tireless perseverance and caring nature. My mom has always spent her time and money on other people than on herself because she always felt that she was lucky just to be born in a healthy mind and didn’t need anything extra. She told me a story that I will always cherish and I want to share with you. One of her patients suffers from extreme anxiety, depression, and disorganization which lead him to develop diabetes and thus had a major breakdown. He had to be institutionalized for a very long time but my mom took over his case and was determined to help this poor man because she felt that his life could have been better. She met with him every week for many years and helped him get control of his thoughts, anxiety and his diabetes. He was exercising and lost over 80lbs. He was telling my mom that he wanted to drive a car but lost his drivers licence when he was institutionalized. My mom filled out all the necessary papers and went to the licence bureau by bus with him since she doesn’t drive. My mom did all this on her spare time after her full time work week. My mom went with him to re-take his test and helped him regain his anonymity. When she told me this story I was in tears and was so utterly touched to have a mother that not only loves me unconditionality but also the world and strives to help people. I wish there were more people like her on this planet. She deserves everything good and nice everyday of the year.

  161. I’ve liked Michael Kors and The Bag Snob on Facebook πŸ™‚
    My Mom should win this bag because she doesn’t own any designer bag yet and I would love to surprise her with this gorgeous tote. She has done a great job bringing me up and she deserves a beautiful Mother’s Day gift like this.

  162. Liked both on Facebook! My mom would love this bag! She’s been wanting a red bag and this would be perfect for her!!

  163. I like both the Michael Kors and Bag Snob Facebook! I really think my mom deserves this because she has worked her whole life as a single mom to give me the best opportunities that she never got, and never does anything for herself. She’s earned the chance to have something special for a change. She is my best friend and role model.

  164. Like Michael Kors’ FB page and had liked Bag Snob Facebook page long time ago. I think my mom and I deserve this bag because we love sharing our wardrobe especially when it comes to bag!


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