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Napoleon Perdis Nude Collection

Fresh off of Australia Fashion Week where Napoleon Perdis was responsible for a number of looks (Perdis is Australian), I headed over to the makeup artist’s swanky midtown apartment to check-out his latest line, Nude Bar. Anyone who’s a fan of Perdis is probably confused about his latest collection given that the bubbly makeup guru is known as “the king of color,” but I guess Perdis is with me on the boat of being sick of blues and corals!

The new collection includes nude lip shades, a lip palette, and tinted moisturizer. I’ve been all about the nude (sometimes even bare with just some balm), lip lately so I was excited about this new collection; I got even more excited when I saw that the new lip glosses have brush – not sponge – applicators! Why is it so rare to see brush applicators these days? I honestly don’t understand because I’ve always found that they make glosses much less sticky. I also go to check out the tinted moisturizer, which is available in two shades and doubles as a primer. It’s silky smooth and hydrating, but I have to admit that I can’t imagine anything coming in between me and my loyalty to Sensai Fluid Finish and Hourglass Primer!

Check-out the entire new Napoleon Perdis collection here!

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