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Olympia Le-Tan Pill Box Brozac Embroidered Twill Shoulder Bag: What the Doctor Ordered?

I guess popping a pillbox over your shoulder is better than popping pills all day, but is it really much chicer? Parisian designer Olympia Le Tan hit the big time by converting classic novels, like On the Road, Lolita, and The Catcher in the Rye, into kitsch clutches. Now she’s turned her attention from the bookshelf to the medicine cabinet.

Brozac, anyone? It “helps your friends put up with you”! Indeed, her wordplays invite loads of conversational fodder. While the “Wiagra” variation (it literally says: “will give your man a massive hard-on,” which, even as a snob, I have to admit is pretty hilarious) is sold out at Colette, and the “Eveprofen” box flew off the shelves on Net-a-Porter, I can’t say I’m taken with handmade jokester bags. Felt appliqués and embroidered twill will never do much for me, even if it’s a clear novelty purchase. There’s a difference between cheeky fun and overdosing on a gimick. Which side do you think this controversial prescription leans towards? On Net-a-Porter for $450.

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