Rachel Zoe Collection Giveaway: The Parton


The Parton sandal may have a lot of elements going on – snakeskin-texture, a variety of straps, a stacked-wood platform – but it’s as smooth as can be. So smooth, I can see this sandal going anywhere you want it to and blending right in. Think of the Parton as the laidback version of the Bonnie – a chunkier heel means more opportunity for wear, especially in the daytime.
It also means a higher level of comfort. I love a heel you can actually wear without your soles aching after ten minutes, and even though this heel will give you nearly 6” of added height, the layered platform means you certainly won’t feel it. And in graduated shades of brown, it’s as neutral as they come. Brown is the black of summer shoes, and this could easily be your ultimate summer sandal.

To Enter to win, all you have to do is:

1. LIKE the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook.

2. Tell us in the comment section (of this post) where you would wear these summer-tastic sandals.

The versatile Parton makes a great day-to-night shoe. I would wear them out to a festive lunch with friends, with a brightly print sundress and chain-strapped clutch. Then I’d segue them into evening cocktail hour, ideally at a casual-cool outdoor patio on a hot summer night. The winning snob will be selected at random. Good luck!

The Parton is available at Neiman Marcus for $325.

140 thoughts on “Rachel Zoe Collection Giveaway: The Parton

  1. Johanna on said:

    I love these they are perfect for a night out with hubby in Miami!

  2. Elizabeth on said:

    I would wear these with a pretty wrap dress or a smart pair of slacks and crisp white button down shirt for work…Then I would throw on a flirty skirt or maybe a pair of jeans with a sexy top for a night on the town with the girls or a casual dinner with my boyfriend. You can do so much with these! Love them!!!!

  3. These look like downtown brunch shoes during a long weekend’s staycation to me!

  4. Faith Jayne on said:

    I would wear these fab skyscraper heels to a place where I don’t have to walk on them for very long: a musical or play!

  5. Amy Block on said:

    I would wear these summer-tastic sandals on my amazing vacation adventure to Southeast Asia! I’d pair them with a khaki mini, and nude top and a bright crossbodybag. My husband is 6’6 and I’m 5’2, so I need all the height help I can get.

    I like the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook (of course!)
    -Amy Block

  6. Heather L. on said:

    With a Maxi Dress to brunch!

  7. Donna F. on said:

    I would wear these for dinner along the boardwalk and I would pair them with a beautiful print maxi dress!

  8. I would wear these sandals out to lunch with the girls with a white sundress.

  9. I would wear them with a high-low skirt out to brunch at a fabulous restaurant!

  10. I would wear them on the beach boardwalk with an orange maxi dress with my LV Neverful

  11. Carol Buchman on said:

    WOW! The question for me would be..where wouldn’t I wear these amazing sandals?!! I have so many things I’d pair them with but I’d really love them to see these with anything white. I can visualize these w/ white slacks & tank and an awesome standout necklace in these colors or an off the shoulder sun dress, long tank maxi dress, great pair of jeans or even a suit. I’d wear them to my office, out for a night w/friends or on a dinner date.

  12. I would wear them on my vacation in Hawaii this fall! Perfect for a night out on the boardwalk with an orange maxi dress.

  13. DeliaSJ on said:

    I would wear these at the theatre and dinner

  14. I would wear them in Bodrum, Turkey in some nice dinner during my summer vacation! :)

    I’d wear this with a bright maxi dress. I can finally wear something long with this pair!

    Liked on FB (Niña Sagarbarria)

    I would wear this with a bright maxi dress.

  17. I would wear these performing with my band at a summer music festival…or in my cutest maxi dress, sunnys, on my daily trip to pick up some groceries. You gotta make your glamour!!!

    I would wear these every where I roam during the summer

  19. I would wear these for a night out to my favorite rooftop lounge in NYC!

  20. diane redcay on said:

    I would wear these on date nights with my hubby

  21. Abby G on said:

    I would wear these to dinner in the City (Chicago) with the cutest summer dress and clutch. I can see the outfit already!!

  22. I would for sure wear these on a fab hot night out at the Gansevoort in NYC!!

  23. Elyse G. on said:

    I would wear them everywhere! They look like they would be incredible versatile

  24. AMAZING! I would make love to my husband wearing these shoes ;)

  25. Danielle Pontow on said:

    I would wear them on a date night … i would go out to eat and see a play

  26. Sue Barney on said:

    I would wear these to a lunch out with the girls with a pretty sundress :) Thx for the chance

  27. Bailey on said:

    I “Liked” the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook (S. Howard Bailey). I have a few exciting date nights with my husband coming up! I would wear them with a cute sundress on our date to go out for dinner & to see “Memphis”. I would also wear them with my dressy black shorts, tank & spring blazer when we go to see New Edition in concert. And lastly, I would find an outfit to wear them with for our date to see Cirque du Soleil’s MJ Immortal show!


  28. MaryAnn Casey on said:

    I am attending a wedding this summer. I will take these shoes to the store where I will buy my dress that I will wear to it and I will buy my outfit around these shoes.

  29. diane redcay on said:

    I would wear these on date nights out with my hubby

  30. jck1974 on said:

    with a sundress having rooftop cocktails

  31. Thessa on said:

    I’ll definitely wear these for our casual Fridays at work.

  32. I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE SANDALS!! I would wear these with a few different outfits as they are so very versatile.

    My go-to outfit for these would be White SKkinny Jeans, a Chambray Buttondown Shirt, and a Rachel Zoe “Zoe tote”.. topped off with a fab pair of round-eyed sunnies and orange nail polish.

    Though I could also definitely see myself wearing these babies with a longer chiffon maxi skirt, a white tee (ala T by A. Wang) a wide-brim floppy hat and some aviators.


    Love these shoes, and your blog!

    Xoxo, Shay


  33. April C. on said:

    I’d wear these shoes to a cousin’s wedding I have in August!!

  34. I would wear these sandals EVERYWHERE haha. They look like they would be super versatile! <3

  35. Shannon Schulte on said:

    I’d wear them on a date night with my husband!

  36. Where wouldn’t I wear these? I can foresee myself getting a lot of use from these Rachel Zoe beauties at the many weddings I have to attend this summer. They would also be great to wear to work and then after to happy hour.

  37. These shoes are dying for a wide leg white pant with a bold tie neck blouse, brown belt and an envelope clutch for a chic day at the office!

  38. hardearnedluck@gmail.com on said:

    These are the perfect summer heels, and I’d wear them everywhere I go: to the store in a fun floral romper, at the movies in casual jeans and a burnout top, with a slinky outfit at karaoke, in a maxi dress malling, with tee and tank at the lake or pool, or a breezy sundress at summer festivals…the possibilities are endless!

  39. I would wear them with maxi dresses and skirts anywhere this summer.

  40. Patricia H on said:

    I would wear them anywhere and everywhere because they are Gorgeous!!!

  41. Frances on said:

    I would wear these out to brunch with the hubster with summer dress.

  42. I’d wear them with sundresses and/or shorts with a cute top to rooftop parties in the city!

  43. Jacklyn L on said:

    I envision myself with Bonnie at the airport en route to Playa del Carmen and on location w/ Parton at the beach party!

  44. I have the perfect dress and handbag to go with these shoes for a girls’ night out in Miami!!!

  45. Claudia Pereira Caswell on said:

    Oh my gosh, for me these beautiful sandals have indefinite possibilities to be worn with. Living by The emerald green waters Of Destin, Florida, I would were them with a super cute and girly sundress, or either a chevron printed maxi, or perhaps with some high-waisted dress pants, a nice top and a blazer for an office day…ahh all the options!

  46. I’d wear these beautiful shoes in the fabulous Hamptons, but I may be too busy admiring them in the mirror! !!

  47. I think you can wear these with pretty much everything?in a dame time with skinny jeans or a chiffon skater dress and during the evening to cocktail bar or club with more evening clothes :)
    Hope i can win :)

    Anastasia Popova

  48. i’d wear these to brunch on a patio by the beach!

  49. I would wear them to my best friend’s wedding this summer. Liked on facebook, yestfl@hotmail.com

  50. I liked them on Facebook. I would wear this shoes to Las Vegas for my birthday that’s coming up next month! engineergirl@mail.com

  51. Cynthia on said:

    They are wonderful shoes. I would wear them with some dressy capri pants and go out to dinner with my husband.

  52. Cynthia on said:

    I would also wear them with some dressy jeans and go out to eat with my husband.

  53. Shelli on said:

    I would wear these shoes everywhere – work, shopping, happy hour! Anytime, anywhere.

  54. I like Rachel Zoe on Facebook~Deb S

    I would wear these to my granddaughter’s graduation!! How fun~Thanks for the chance!!

  55. Valerie C. on said:

    I have an ivory and cocoa linen skirt and jacket that these would be perfect with!! Also they would be perfect with my sundresses all summer :)

  56. I would wear these sandals with a maxi dress for lunch on Ocean drive in Miami, then I would continue the night at a rooftop bar.

  57. To Newport, RI, I’m going there for a summer break & can’t wait to wear these fab sandals! xo

  58. I would wear these on my shopping day as its versatile, summerlicious, laidback design works well with any outfits. Plus the chunky heels looks comfy for me to walk during my boutiques hopping!

  59. I would wear these babies to work with a maxi dress! I WANT THESE!

  60. Tracy C. on said:

    They would be perfect to wear to a Summer garden wedding.

  61. MiahMichel on said:

    I’d definitely wear these summer-tastic sandals on my much needed vacay this summer!!!

  62. Liked the collection on FB.. and I would wear these gorge heels with a long flowy maxi and plenty of gold jewelery to a rooftop pool bar in LA. Hopefully that high up the maxi would be catching a breeze and you’d see the shoes better ;) !

  63. I would wear these through the summer with my Maxis

  64. I’d wear these on my birthday!

  65. MC Chau on said:

    I would wear these amazing sandals on my trip to China in June!

  66. Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I would wear them on a dates with my mister, treasure hunting, grocery shopping, sitting on the sofa… pretty much everywhere.

  67. I would wear these for a night out in my Santa Barbara hometown! A mediteranean coastal city of boho chic stlyeee! Maybe I could even get away with wearing them to the farmers market ;) x0x0

  68. Natalie G on said:

    I would wear these amazing shoes with a beautiful white maxi dress. I would pair it with some big bangle bracelets and a loose braid in my hair!

  69. Candace on said:

    I’d wear these cuties on a nice, romantic dinner date with the hubs when we go to Maui in July!!

  70. Maria Maunula on said:

    I’ve like Rachel Zoe on FB!!!
    I would wear these gorgeous shoes to a summer music festival – all three days in a row because they look so comfy!!! Love love love them!!!

  71. Heather L. on said:

    To a summer wedding with a strappy sundress.

  72. Chrissie Bardwell on said:

    These Rachel Zoe shoes are an amazing pair!
    I’d wear them with a white maxi dress and a flower in my hair.
    They’d be great heels for a party or eating al fresco in the evening sun,
    I’d love to win these shoes Bag Snob – go on, please give me some! (One for each foot should do it ;-) )

  73. Saarah Khan on said:

    I would wear these shoes for a relaxed fall day in university and then maybe for a fun night out with my friends! I have the perfect black/cheetah maxi dress for these too *hint hint!* :)

  74. Samantha Tedesco on said:

    I’d like to wear this fab shoes with a white lace dress :)
    Samantha Tedesco on fb

  75. Already like Rachel Zoe on fb! I would so rock these with a tie dye high-low dress for my quick getaway vacay!


  76. Lauren Elizabeth on said:

    Love these babies! Would wear them with cutoff jean shorts, cross body bag, & an Equipment blouse (any of them!) for a casual afternoon out with the girls. Or my new Haute Hippie lace shorts, a tank, & a white blazer, with a colorful clutch!

  77. Allison S. on said:

    I adore these shoes! I would wear them for a night out in Miami with a cute summer dress.

  78. I would wear these shoes on girls night!! :)
    also liked on facebook – Stefanie Gladden

  79. Berta E. on said:

    I would wear this to a movie/dinner date. It would look lovely with a high -low dress sinched in the waist with a skinny gold belt and gold accesories. Love these shoes!

  80. Holy Crazy- Cool Platform sandals !! These gorgeous things will be sported in many an ensemble of mine, including long wide leg linen trousers and floral tank; and of course my RZ printed peasant dress from Neimans!

  81. i would wear these beautiful sandals to Mother’s Day brunch! a white button down shirt,
    khaki tie-waist shorts, a copper metallic bag, a gold pearl necklace, and a low pony tail to charm Mom!

    Of course, a bouquet of flowers for her.

    I LIKE Rachel Zoe too.

  82. Aibrean on said:

    I’ve liked Rachel Zoe.

    I’d wear these heels out in the city with my boyfriend, though he’d have to wear boots — I’d be taller than him!

  83. I would wear them with beige maxi dress, on a summer night walk.


  84. The best about this is I can wear it anywhere..I think I’ll wear it everywhere from lunch or brunch to a formal dinner..

  85. Paula Dan on said:

    I would love to wear them on a night out with the girls, along with a maxi black dress and golden jewelry :)

  86. ——————- Liked Rachel Zoe Collection on FB under: Nicole Ordonez

    ——————- I’d rock these sandals with everything, but especially maxi dresses!

  87. I would wear these out on the town when hubby and I have our monthly date night. I would also wear them everywhere for awhile to show them off.

  88. I would wear these walking around everywhere! Gorgeous shoes. Pair it with shorts and your legs would look miles long.

  89. i’d wear this to all the wedding I have this summer!

  90. Kim N. on said:

    I would wear these Parton sandals with an Equipment blouse loosely tucked into a maxi skirt to brunch with friends and with cute short summer dresses for nights out.

  91. I’d wear these to brunch but with a laid-back outfit of maybe all denim or a shirt-dress.

  92. Janelle on said:

    I love this pair of sandals! I can imagine it being the perfect getaway, summer parties kind of shoes!

    I would wear them out for an upcoming beach party cum best friend wedding, with this white soft crochet trimmed maxi dress and a bright yellow clutch! – Absolutely the perfect outfit! The next few days at the beach, I’d wear them with a big sun hat, a yellow chiffon top and white crochet shorts to enjoy a cold drink at the patio or club!

    Too many outfit ideas with this perfect darling, and the bonus, would be to create a false illusion of lengthening my legs! One word, perfect :)

  93. Lydia S. on said:

    Would be a favorite for a casual dinner party with my man, the lift of 6″ would be fun, since he’s a foot taller than I am.

  94. Melinda Barone on said:

    I would wear them for Girls Night Out!

  95. SILITALIA on said:


  96. Suzanne on said:

    I would wear these EVERYWHERE this summer! They look comfortable enough for a day of shopping or a museum outing. I need these shoes!!

  97. Sarah Greene on said:

    I would wear these sandals with a beautiful summer dress to my Birthday brunch with friends..

  98. Kate R. on said:

    I would rock these shoes at the CLIO Awards with a simple brown sheath and my LV alma.

  99. constance on said:

    ***I’d wear them everywhere from dusk ’till dawn***

  100. Cristina on said:

    The question should be: where wouldn’t I wear these sandals!?

    I’d have to wear them to my graduation ceremony and to all the parties I’ll be attending throughout May to celebrate. Then, I’ll pack them for my summer day-trips and long vacations to wear out to dinner and dancing. And I’d show them off at work too! What a fantastic giveaway! I of course like the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook!

    Thanks so much!

  101. I liked the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook. I would definitely wear these shoes EVERYWHERE. With a chic dress to the office, or just going to a casual day party, or bbq at someone’s house

  102. amybelle2001 on said:

    I’d definitely wear these to work with a white sheath dress and then out for drinks with friends at the 4 Seasons afterwards. Hawte!

  103. Tianna on said:

    I could see myself wearing these to a downtown lunch with my girlfriends, sitting out on the patio! Plus, I definitely would have my signature pink pedicure to compliment these Parton sandals. :)

    Thank you for the giveaway, and I have already liked the Rachel Zoe Collection on facebook!

  104. Mamavalveeta03 on said:

    I would wear them to the hospital. However, if I should win, I would share them with my lovely daughter who actually knows how to walk in heels without self-injury.

  105. Amanda K on said:

    I’d wear these to my best friend’s wedding on Kauai with a breezy summer dress and big sunglasses.

  106. leah p. on said:

    I would wear these shoes everywhere! But probably to a lot of parties and chic bbqs!

  107. The question is where I wouldn’t wear this amazing pumps. EVERYWHERE.!! They’re the perfect Summer shoe staple to own.

    <3 Marina

  108. Shelley on said:


  109. Charity S on said:

    I would wear these on vacation.

  110. Love these! I would wear them with a long maxi skirt and loose tank top on the weekend. Perfect for brunch or running errands!


  111. Sabrina on said:

    I would wear these to every cute little outdoor party this summer paired with an adorable maxi dress or hi-low skirt!! :)

  112. I’d wear these for a boardwalk stroll! The beach-side is calling me early this year =)

  113. Thank you so much for this giveaway!! I really love these heels. They would be PERFECT to wear with a white sundress for my graduation, and then I would go into NYC for my graduation dinner with my family with them, matching with this adorable vintage brown leather bag that I have (I can just see it now!) this would make my search for the perfect graduation heels so much easier… I love these! I hope I win because now I am hoping I can put together the outfit… It would be so ideal!!! Love Rachel Zoe and the collection is phenomenal.

    Thanks again!

    Anna ( thistrendthattrend@gmail.com )

  114. I would wear them in the summer to work with a maxi skirt so that it would be for great not only for work but happy hours after work in DC too.

  115. Tamara L on said:

    I would wear the Parton to Dallas Museum of Arts’ night events. Good food, good music, good friends, and a little champagne would be most complimentary to these gorgeous shoes.

  116. I love love love the chunky heel and the stacked platform. I think these would be fabulous with a pair of turquoise jeans, a great print top from DVF’s spring collection, big sunglasses, and a bright coral pedicure. Amazing for an outdoor brunch on a sunny Sunday morning.

  117. I wanna wear these to a summer concert! I’m only 5’0 so it will help me see over people’s head!

  118. Karlene Shamir on said:

    I would wear these to a date with a high-low dress! :) i love it!

  119. I already “liked” Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook.
    FB: Ella C. Parker

    I’d wear these for a night out with my hubby! :D

  120. Anonymous on said:

    It would be perfect for a Shopping after-noon with girls, or a nightlife party by the beach, or on a date :$
    I mean, i can wear that anywhere i go in summer :)

    I can wear it in a Shopping after-noon with girls, or a night life party by teh beach, or a date :$
    I mean, i can wear almost enywhere i go in summer :)

  122. I would love to wear these to my brother’s Greek Island wedding this summer!

  123. Liked! Those look so comfortable that I think I could survive walking around with them a whole day on my fathers wedding in July – so that would be 50% of the problem solved, then I just need a dress :)

  124. I would wear these shoes everywhere this summer. I would wear them to a business even after work, to a summer wedding, or possibly a night out on the town! They are just simply stunning all around!

  125. Kathy flanagan on said:

    I would wear these shoes with every outfit I could and buy a new one. beautiful shoes.

  126. i would wear them to a cocktail party or wedding

  127. Melissa D on said:

    Liked on fb.
    I’m attending a fundraiser in June and already have a new sundress to wear; these gorgeous shoes would bump my look up to a whole new level, though. They’re so pretty, and comfy, too?! Wow!

  128. barracudaron@gmail.com on said:

    LIKED & the wife would wear them playing poker

  129. Elizabeth P. on said:

    I liked on fb and I would wear them to my friend’s wedding in Malibu :)

  130. adrienne z on said:

    i would wear these everywhere in the warm summer months and would take them on vacation everywhere I go (if I ever get to go anywhere again…)
    chichijunk at cs dot com

    also fan of zoe on facebook too!

  131. Date night!

  132. Carrie Conley on said:

    definitely for a night out….

  133. IRENE CYPHER on said:

    I would give them to my daughter and I’m sure she’d wear them everywhere!

  134. is international?in case i entered
    With a Maxi Dress
    fb: flower bomb

  135. Valerie L on said:

    At a garden party

  136. dwnbonner@gmail.com on said:

    I would pair with a Print Dress and some Bangle Bracelets…Totally Rock this outfit.

  137. Lauren on said:

    I would wear these shoes everywhere! Afternoon tea with the girls, shopping with my mum, and on hot dates! Plus it’ll make me 5″7 in height. Score!

  138. Petunia on said:

    these shoes are sexy- sophisticated- I’d wear them with pencil skirt- chic tote- big sunnies- statement lip- outdoor lunch in Beverly Hills

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