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Rachel Zoe Collection Giveaway: The Sharon


Architectural heels come and go, but the cork wedge will be a summer staple for all eternity! Few know how to make a consistent classic feel revived like Rachel Zoe. Maybe it’s the stylist in her, maybe it’s just her glamorous way with basics. Either way, the Sharon platform is destined to be your new BFF. At least until Labor Day!

A smooth wave of lightweight, platformed cork makes for an easy pitch, despite the perfect 5.5” of height, and rich dark brown straps wrap around the foot in a most flattering way. Wear these sandals with neons, nudes, primary brights, and bold patterns alike.

To Enter to win, all you have to do is:

1. LIKE the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook.

2. Tell us in the comment section (of this post) where you would wear these vivacious platforms.

This is the sort of sandal you won’t want to take off. I see myself wearing the Sharon day and night while on vacation, whether I’m lounging in the shade by the beach in Miami or hitting the cobbled streets of Florence for a shopping spree. The winning snob will be selected at random. Good luck!

The Sharon is available at Neiman Marcus for $355.

93 thoughts on “Rachel Zoe Collection Giveaway: The Sharon

  1. Faith Jayne on said:

    Liked on Facebook!
    I would wear these amazing sandals everywhere, including while cooking in the kitchen, where I need the extra height to reach some of the cabinets!

  2. estella miller on said:

    I would wear these platforms with great jeans all weekend!Like on Facebook as Ivanna Winsome

  3. Johanna on said:

    Love these I’m moving to Florida so I can wear these well into the fall. I would wear these to a nice lunch on the boardwalk. I love Summer don’t you :) ?

  4. I would wear those whenever I go out shopping with friends or out with family.

  5. Donna F. on said:

    I would love to wear these to lunch at a Parisian cafe! They would be perfect! Liked on facebook!

  6. I like Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook. I would wear these platforms to have lunch with my friends in the Hamptons.

  7. DeliaSJ on said:

    I would wear these for long walks on the seaside, at dawn.

  8. Amy Block on said:

    These are awesome. I’d wear these to one of the summer music festivals I’ll be going to- they would look great with cropped jeans and a nautical inspired tank top. LOVE!
    I like Rachel Zoe on FB.

  9. C R Williams on said:

    LIKED the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook

  10. C R Williams on said:

    I would wear it to a wedding.

  11. diane redcay on said:

    I would wear them out on dinner dates

  12. I would wear them while sun bathing in Rio!

  13. Tamika Williams on said:

    These gorgeous wedges would NEVER leave my feet. I MEAN NEVER!!!! I would wear them in the shower, while I sleep, and any other inopportune time if you get my drift. LOL I LOVE THEM!!!

  14. Liked you on Facebook!
    I would wear these amazing sandals everywhere, all the time.

  15. Pamela on said:

    I would wear these on my vacation to the DR they would go great with a nice maxi dress or nice skinny jeans. Love them!

  16. Where wouldn’t I wear these wedges this summer? Ugh they are so sassy yet versatile.

  17. These Rachel Zoe cork sandals will be perfect to wear with any style clothing i.e. skirts or pants at work or on weekends shopping or just lazing around! In short, these sandals will look sexy if worn by me.

  18. Milica Tolovska on said:

    Liked on Facebook!
    I would wear these amazing sandals everywhere, including while cooking in the kitchen, where I need the extra height to reach some of the cabinets!

  19. Samantha Tedesco on said:

    I’d like to wear them with a white lace dress :)
    FB: Samantha Tedesco

  20. I already “liked” Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook.
    FB: Ella C. Parker

    I would wear this everywhere I go, all throughout the summer, at the mall, at the park, at walmart or while I’m cleaning the house. :D

  21. I would wear it out while shopping, of course.

  22. Szabina L on said:

    I’d wear them with jeans and blouse or plain shirt at a girly weekend :) or on an exciting museum-tea house-visiting day with my boyfriend :)

  23. Nicol Steffen on said:


  24. I would wear them out while on vacation with a flowy summer dress or in the city with shorts and a straw fedora.

  25. I would wear them on the hot sunny sidewalks of The Saturday Market. I would turn heads as I filled my shopping bags with fresh veggies because my shoes would be so fabulous.

  26. nicole on said:

    like on fb and i would wear these to any summer party!

  27. Lynette on said:

    I’d wear these with with some cute jean shorts out by the lake in Chicago. With bright toenail polish!

  28. Jackie on said:

    I would so wear these with my cute purple flower pattern shorts romper, and matching purple eye shadow:)

  29. Z Shanntee K-B on said:

    EVERYWHERE…such a wonderful low maintenance kind of shoe!!! Where it to the park for a picnic with the hubs, to the movies, toI work with a summer dress and/or with a pair of jeans and cool shirt to go have drinks!!! Everywhere I say!!!!

  30. The great thing about this sandal is i can wear it everywhere like at a lunch or at work or at a wedding.. its just so perfect I’d love to win..

  31. I would wear this everywhere.

  32. Maria Maunula on said:

    Liked on FB!
    I would wear these on my holiday in the the southern Europe this summer!!

  33. Sabča on said:

    hello :)
    I like on FB :)
    I would wear these platforms everywhere!!
    They are so much beautiful! ♥♥♥
    nice day :))

  34. amybelle2001 on said:

    I am going to Morocco and would wear these out for a nice dinner with my husband in Marrakech. Thanks!

  35. Melissa Leinart on said:

    Why, I would wear these darling shoes everywhere!

  36. Deb Yancey on said:

    I would wear these on a nice shopping trip to the Greene, an outside shopping mall, do alittle shopping then have lunch at a fabulous cafe restaurant outside, on its covered patio.

  37. Enizete Lane on said:

    I would wear these amazing sandals to work and, it is so great that I don’t need to change shoes to go out for a drink with friends. Love it!!

  38. Kathy flanagan on said:

    I would wear these to church or any dressy event. great shoes..

  39. I will where these all around downtown as I dine in small bistros with outdoor patios, window shopping as I wander through all the boutiques and to the concerts in the park where I’m sure to run into my ex. These shoes matched with my favorite maxi dress will surely bring him to his knees! lol

  40. nicole jones on said:

    i would take these on vacation with me this summer to see my in-laws because they are so versatile and will match soo many things..

  41. sunchicka on said:

    I’d wear them to the Islands of San Juan. And roam the boardwalk.

  42. I would wear it everyday and everywhere! Yay!
    ‘Like’ on FB /Elena Rudaya/

  43. Hi Tina! Met you at the H&M Galleria Dallas Pre-Opening party. Anyway, I’ve liked RZ on FB and as for this gorgeous sandals, I hope I win it and I’ll be wearing it day and night on a trip to San Antonio. This would be a gorgeous pair to wear by the Riverwalk and would look great on outfit photos I’ll be taking for my fashion blog! :) Hope I win it!

  44. Liked on fb. I gotta have these sandals! They would be perfect for my summer vacay to Palm Springs!

  45. Melissa D on said:

    I “liked” on Facebook (and in real life, too!).

    I would wear these Rachel Zoe beauties everywhere this summer. Their classic style would get me from workday seriousness to post-work fun without missing a step! Gorgeous!

  46. Ron Miller on said:

    LIKED & the wife would wear them cooking me dinner

  47. I see myself wearing this to a Sunday Brunch!

  48. Julie L. on said:

    I would wear those gorgeous shoes everywhere this summer!

  49. adrienne z on said:

    already a fan of rachel zoe on facebook
    adrienne z
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  50. adrienne z on said:

    I would wear these Anywhere and would absolutely take them on any warm beachy vacation if I ever go anywhere again…!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

    Hi DEB Y. !!!

  51. Valerie C. on said:

    I have new flax linen wide leg slacks that these would be perfect with. I could wear them with most of my summer clothes too. I love them :)

  52. Elizabeth P. on said:

    I liked on facebook! I would wear these to Maui and on the way to the hospital to deliver bean 2 :) Much more chic than the crocs I wore for bean 1 haha

    I’d wear these EVERYWHERE!! they are pretty much perfect for anything(well maybe not “formal” but they could be dressy)
    And how could I not love them since they’re named after me heeheehee
    Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  54. —————— I’d rock these to go to lunch or out shopping! :)

  55. Tamika Wilks on said:

    I would wear these “Chocolate Delight” Platforms out for an evening Stroll at the Washington Harbor!!

  56. I would wear these on summer vacation and to summer parties.

  57. I “like” the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook. As for where I would wear these gorgeous sandals… any and everywhere! They would be perfect for work, date night, or even treasure hunting at my favorite thrifts. Thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway!

    Facebook: Cindy A.

  58. I’d wear these on a girls’ nite out.

  59. on said:

    I would wear those anywhere and everywhere….

  60. I would wear these platforms with skinny jeans and fluo top!Like on Facebook: flower bomb

  61. Sunnymay on said:

    I’d wear these for lunch out at a resort and by the sea wearing nautical stripes and a bright scarf to flow in the breeze.

  62. A cute printed dress and a big floppy hat.

  63. Valerie L on said:

    This shoes will look great on a night out with my husband

  64. I would wear them to church!

  65. Mariam on said:

    I would wear these beauties with a maxidress!

  66. I liked the Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook!
    I’m pretty sure, too, that I would never want to take them off again if I had them! I’d wear them to a relaxing afternoon on the beach, to shopping in the city, or even at night when I’m going to a party! I’m sure it would be a show stopper everywhere…
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


  67. Heather M. on said:

    I’d probably wear them to work!@

  68. Tianna on said:

    I would love to wear these this summer at the B.C. Symphony Orchestra’s performance in the park! <3

  69. These shoes would be an everyday favorite… I would wear them day and night with jeans, skirts, dresses and shorts.

  70. Liked on Twitter!
    I would wear them on my vacation in Mallorca :)

  71. Lauren on said:

    Love these shoes! I would wear them around sunny Malaysia over the summer to show off freshly tanned legs, then bring them to London in time for fall and London Fashion Week!

  72. Amazing for floral dresses and floral prints for summer. Going out with friends in this amazing heat with this baby Sharon is definitely too-cool-for-words. Liked on facebook, instagram and twitter xD
    I’d feature this with some outfits and send it to you if I won xD

  73. I would wear these in East Asia where ill be heading to for the first time

  74. I liked on FB. These wedges would be perfect to wear to my brother-in-law’s rehearsal dinner next month. They would get plenty of use this summer, as well!

  75. Robynn A. on said:

    If I copped these bad boys, I would wear them casually during this summer while trying to beat the brutal Texas heat. As stellar as they are, these shoes deserve more than exotic vacations!

  76. I would wear these wedges for a modern 70s feel with a pair of flared jeans and a loose tank. SO CUTE

  77. Evette on said:

    Anywhere and everywhere!!!

  78. Katie Fritz on said:

    Liked on Facebook! I would wear these sandals on the deck of a fabulous boat – or more for an everyday sandal going out on the town to my favorite restaurant!

  79. oooohhhhh i would wear these all over my beach town in lewes, they would make me over 6 foot! And I love being the tallest person in the room!!!

  80. I would wear these beauties this summer while studying abroad in Venice, Italy! I could imagine them with a beautiful black mullet style dress so I could show of my shoesies!

  81. I would totally pack these lovies in my carry on and they would go straight to St. John’s with me for my vacay in July! They would be perfect for a dinner date with my husband and ideal for walking around the markets!

  82. I would find an excuse to wear them everywhere and with everything this summer! liked on fb :) Thanks for the great contest! LOVEEE this shoe!

  83. Lisa S on said:

    I would wear them EVERYWHERE!! Wow!!

  84. Violet Isbell Roberts on said:

    I would wear these out dancing Saturday night! I love to dance in a firm, steady heel, that gives me height and makes my legs look good! lol

  85. Petunia on said:

    I’d never take them off- cork is SOOOOOOOO comfy- like walking on clouds

  86. it’s summer time i’ll flaunt them on the beach of WC. <3

  87. These are for a trip to the boardwalk in my new maxi dress, no question!

    I liked on facebook as Muriel Grubb.

  88. Heather L. on said:

    I’d wear these with a floral sundress to happy hour!

  89. AnnaKul on said:

    Like on fb
    I would wear these platforms everywhere!

  90. I like Rachel Zoe Collection on Facebook – Lydia A.F. I would wear these all summer long; at work, out to lunch, on dates, and on walks along the beach!

  91. Crystal Warren on said:

    I think I’d wear these to a Saturday brunch with the girls at our favorite wine shop/cafe!

  92. Roanne on said:

    Liked on Facebook.
    More like, where WOULDN’T I wear them? (okay, not to the gym)
    They are fabulous!
    Thanks for the chance to win a pair.

  93. i LKE and LOOOVE Rachel Zoe!

    i would wear these darlings to a beach-bench picnic and dolphin watching afternoon from shore!

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