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Rebecca Minkoff Endless Love Straw & Leather Tote Bag

This striped woven straw and leather beauty is brought to you by Rebecca Minkoff and is just as chic as it is trendy. The summer perfect tote is lined and trimmed to give a luxury feel to a casual tote. The stripes make this just as fancy as a beach bag can be and the zip pockets inside will keep all your credit cards, cash or candy safe while sunning in style. It’s roomy enough for a towel, an iPad and a bottle of water, but won’t weigh you down with too much bulk. This would go just perfect with the Chloe scalloped bikini I’ve had my eye on for about 2 years now but sells out so quick that I can’t ever seem to catch it. This endless love straw and leather tote is fun, functional and fabulously priced. If you’re looking for a beach bag with some vamp, this bag’s for you. Saks Fifth Avenue for $250.

5 thoughts on “Rebecca Minkoff Endless Love Straw & Leather Tote Bag

  1. Beautiful post!!! I loved it!! I’m posting from Los Angeles, take a look on the windows of Rodeo Drive and our pictures in Palmdale!!

  2. Hey Emma! Just stumbled across your article here. Perfect summer accessory – definitely functional and fabulously priced! Talk soon :)

  3. The underwear is very unique~~~~

  4. I just love this style!

  5. This striped RM straw bag is so chic and I’m loving the scallop detailing on the bikini too ^^

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