Sampar Age-Antidote Eye Rule: Rule in Favor

There are factors that inevitably age the skin around the eye. Too many factors, in fact: Dermo-contractions, skin-slackening, dehydration, microcirculation, and urban pollution. Eye Rule by Sampar works to fight all these, with enriched formulation with the double-whammy power of swiveling roller-ball action. It increases circulation, and enhances the effectiveness of the anti-aging agents by penetrating deep into the dermis. This rolling action irons out wrinkles; in time, it will lift the eyes. And for immediate effect, there’s a cooling agent to offer freshness, which is especially good when you are tired (hungover and need to look good?).

Sampar’s roller has oils and peptides we’re all familiar with, but it’s also got Adenosine which reduces Dermo-contraction, so you don’t wrinkle as much when you smile and make faces. It’s like a mini-Botox treatment! The formula’s antioxidant shield is a complex of three ingredients: Shea Butter serum, mint endorphin, and pro-biotic sugar. Sounds crazy, but it’s all good for looking awake and energized.

Thankfully, there’s button at the end that releases the right amount of product onto the roller-ball. Just use circular motions to massage it all in, moving from the inner-eye to under the eye, then make a complete circle all the way around the lids. Be sure to give extra love to those wrinkles and prone-to-wrinkle areas. Finish the process off by tapping the stick lightly with your fingers to make sure everything is being absorbed.

I especially recommend storing in fridge – it’s great for waking up tired eyes at a moment’s notice. On Amazon for $94.44.

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