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Simone I. Smith “A Sweet Touch of Hope” Collection: Heart Candy

Lollipops just took on a profound new meaning. Simone I. Smith is not just the wife of a hip-hop star (though her husband, LL Cool J, launched her passion for jewels when he gave Simone her first pair of big “doorknocker” earrings back when she was 17), she’s a jewelry designer and cancer survivor. After being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2004 and a surgery that altered her lollipop tattoo (“It literally looks like someone took a bite out of it,” she says), Simone knew she wanted to give back.

Now a lollipop is more than just a cute piece of candy – it’s a hopeful symbol of getting well and staying well. Teaming up with the American Cancer Society, the “Sweet Touch of Hope” collection makes for a flirty charm with more to it than meets the eye. Choose your birthstone, then choose between jeweled enamel ($100) or crystal-encrusted ($300) sweets, each with a very appropriate bite taken out of the them. The pendants dangle in a cheekily asymmetrical way, and better yet, 10% of the profits go towards cancer research.

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