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Stark Fierce Clutch: Stark Raving Chic

Rarely is a bag so suited to its name. No, it doesn’t get any more “fierce” than a flashy power clutch topped with the head of a threateningly sleek panther. The cylindrical shape keeps the look from going to hardcore – it’s fierce, but not entirely unapproachable.
This is not your average evening bag. The Stark line, which is founded upon ultra-sparkly, leopard-print boxes and sexed-up cuff straps, reeks of confidence. And I do love a clutch with some conviction. British designer Petra Stunt was inspired to make bags by her favorite artist, the edgy and controversial Tracey Emin (one installation, called My Bed, featured dirty sheets, among other unmentionables). Petra has taken that sense of rebellion and added her own searing vision of glamour, designing for the young fashionista who demands to be noticed. The Fierce clutch is like a golden bullet of chic-ness. In delicious shades of python, crystal, and alligator, from the glittering Beverley Drive variation to the white-snake Lynx, this could be the beginning of a dangerous new bag addiction.
Available for $3,447 – $4,789 at Stark.



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